My parents gave me the worst name ever!

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  1. This happened to me: my parents, old-time lefties, named me "Karl Marx" -- they apparently thought it would not be a problem, as society seemed to be moving into a groovy, understanding time (late 60s). They, uh, thought small-mindedness was a transient cultural trait, as opposed to an enduring human characteristic, particularly among junior-high kids.
    Boy, were they ever wrong! It took a few years, particularly because we -- duh! -- moved to rural Idaho in the interim, but around 5th grade the other kids figured it out, and I was cooked. History class was always brutal, and there are probably hundreds of school yearbooks with a hand-drawn bushy beard obscuring my face.
    It got easier in high school, as it was kind of an edgy name, but at age 17 I rushed over to the county court and changed my name. I made my father pay the court fees, for obvious reasons.
    On every tax form, university application, and -- most humiliating -- job or credit application, I am required to put "Karl Marx" as a previous name, for background checks. Thanks Mom & Dad!
    Other than that, it's just a family joke these days, and even my high-school classmates have tired of it at reunions.
    --Joseph Stalin
  2. i think your actualy quite lucky, my names mike. theres a billion other mikes. i wish i had one of those super unique names, ya know?
  3. I like this thread. long time
  4. Hahahaha, I can picture loads of people coming into this thread and just thinking :confused: Who the fuck is Karl Marx or Joseph Stalin?

    And entirely by the by.....

  5. My names mike too haha.
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    I'm named Kelly after my father and up until 5th or 6th grade when I outgrew most people, every time someone found out my name they'de respond with "Kelly's a girls name". Try explaining what a genderless name is to children. It's not always a girls name. In Ireland it's a boys name, and my father's side is Irish. Also, our main baby sitter's name was Kelly and was a women, but I still knew more male Kelly's then female. I was lucky to have only ever known one female Kelly at school before grade 3. Throughout middle and high school I was the only Kelly.

    I really wish the had just named me what they were planning to. Korey. Spelt with a K because my sister's, mother's, and father's name start with a K.
  7. my middle name is Ariel. and thats all my mom would call me when i was little. Elementary was hell.

    but now later on in life, it's a fucking badass name and i'm proud of it.:hello:
  8. Yeah, I'm glad my first name is simple, it's just Alex. Not Alexander, just Alex. My parents thought my last name was long enough (8 letters).

  9. dude...thats a girls name! haha only kidding around.

    My name is Nigel, one of the most British names ever! :hello:
  10. haha! Hey. at least there are worse people to be named after. It's sucks that kids teased you, but kids will tease others about anything. I have a normal name, but I got teased because I was chubby as a young child and then slimmed down as I got older and into sports. Looking back I don't think I was persecuted for being a fat kid, but young kids will make fun of other kids for anything they can find. Everyone has at least ONE thing that was firepower for childish insults...

    Now that your an adult you can appreciate being named after a prolific historic figure... I think it's pretty cool.

    Oh, and "Karl" > "Carl"

  11. lol, I guess you missed the "--Joseph Stalin" signature.
  12. Whoops... hehe, sometimes I'm ready to reply before I finish reading the post...

  13. I know the feeling. Like your thoughts are pushing themselves out of your head.
  14. So you're really refered to as "Joseph Stalin" now?? :eek:
  15. At least it's not Adolf Hitler
  16. thats what i want to know lol

  17. If I was your friend I'd probably just call you Kel.
  18. Yeah, for me it's amplified if i've been smoking. hehe, I feel like i need to get what I want to say out before I forget it or start thinking about something else... :)
  19. I know how you feel. They named me Lenin.
    - Mao Tse-Tung

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