My parents found out I smoke weed.

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  1. Ok so the other night my mom was going through my school bag to see if I had any old lunches sitting around there (which I think is a lie, I think she suspected and purposely invaded my bag) and she found a grinder, a pill bottle where I kept the weed, 2 lighters and a pipe. When I got home from school today my mom started talking to me about it. Then she asked me if I did it. I said no and I denied until late today when she told me she found my bag. Now my parents are 200% anti drug and blinded by government bullshit on weed, homophobes, and strict Christians. I on the other hand am not any of those. Then since I can't really do anything I confess to having smoked it once (not true I smoked it like 20 times) and I tell her that my grinder belongs to my dealer and same for the pipe. They take my lighters which isn't a big deal and nothing else because I suspected they knew so as soon as I got home from school I hid my pipe and my grinder. I also made several hiding places, one for the herb itself, one for the grinder and pipe, and one for the lighters. I have more weed and more pipes cig papers and a bunch of other stuff hidden elsewhere in my room. Now I showed my parents the hiding spot with the lighters and my mom still doesn't believe me. She wants to bring dogs in our house and smell it out. And also she made write all contact information of my dealer ( everything I gave was fake names) I told them I only did it once and not intend on doing it anymore. They were very pissed and crying and said they will kill my dealers family if they ever see him. I need to know what should I do if they search my room with dogs or if they find out the name is fake cause it is and they suspect it's fake cause the person doesn't have fb. Thanks guys, any help appreciated. Also they will prob drug test me regularly and search my bag so how do I get around smoking like that. They also wanna meet my friends who look like true stoners so I don't know how to that. And how can I smoke and not be caught on the drug testing?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  3. Should have told the truth the first time. My mom was anti weed at first but once i stopped sneaking around and just told her "Hey, I smoke weed, I love it, and its part of my life" she let it go. I still live with her, and she won't say anything as long as theres no bud in the house.
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  4. Sucks to suck? Really there is no advice that I can give you then to wait till you're out of your parents house to start smoking that holy herb again.
  5. How old are you man? Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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