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My Parents don't like GC :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dickjones1, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I have a fairly healthy relationship with my parents. We all openly talk about smoking and go out back for a sesh every other day or two...But when my parents see me browsing this site they always get super bummed on me saying why can't I look through other things that aren't drugs. I kinda get it because they don't recognize us as its own culture, they just see it as a drug. I tried enlightening them but they're old timer views won't accept the big prosperous community we marijuana smokers have become. Anyone else have parents like this? oh well, atleast I'm lucky enough to get high with my ma and pa I guess :p just thought I'd share.

    My dad also refuses to hit a bong with a perc because he says its not needed and he doesn't see any merit in any smoking device more advance than a pipe.
  2. show them just about any thread in "MIND OVER MATTER"
  3. show your dad the ass thread
  4. I don't blame them :smoking:
  5. Tbh i've learnt more on GC in the last couple of months than i would on youtube.

  6. for real though GC keeps me up to date with the shootings, found out about all the recent ones from general section lmao
  7. You could always try branching out a bit. Switch between this and facebook while they're looking or something. Maybe make a tumblr or find some interesting blogs or read something like The Onion for entertainment. Follow links on GC more and make it look like you're doing more than just reading about just weed all the time. lol
  8. God damn, that thread made me register my own account!
  9. this op

  10. haahahahaha

    classic dickjonesDAD

  11. hahhhhahah :smoking::smoking::smoking::hello::hello::hello:
  12. haha thanks for the advice guys, i mean i do browse around fb and skateperception and stuff but its just that they don't see the point in looking or reading about weed right after smoking(Which is what i usually do for this site). It's perfectly understandable :p I just wish I could go to the cannabis cup or hempfest with my parents. Thats what i really want :) maybe one day they'll understand.
  13. That's pathetic!

  14. not rlly..
  16. Look up POF. trust me you will thank me later!!

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