my parents caught me again but this talk was different

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  1. okay so I just got off probation and I had the worste luck ever i smoked on my porch while nobody was home and didnt finish the blunt cuz I had been on probation for a year and just got off . I showered after and everything and put the blunt in a container that is smell proof that had the blunt and a lil bud like a . long story short later on at night my parents come in to say they are going to bed and say they smell weed I was straight up this time cuz Im 18 i lied everytime before and my dad basically says he cant tell me he doesnt care if i smoke because hes my parent and isnt encouraging it cuz im young but if I am gonna do it I need to get better at hiding the smell and blah blah. Its just bugging me cuz he said that but said he would still punish me if I come home smelling like weed or am acting super high. So its like he cares but doesnt care? I told him straight up that I understand what he expects out of me but that im just gonna keep doing it because its what I enjoy and how I like to have fun sometimes instead of drinking which hes okay with me drinking. Also I pointed out how it makes no sense how they nag me about smoking being bad but then my mom will turn around and just tell me my brother was fucked up off edibles and got sick like its no big deal. So many mixed signals of them caring and them just not caring so idk what to think. idk what to think im not really pissed I got caught all he did was take my phone for the night . he did say me being honest is a big factor in alot. but yeah I need opinions . call me a dumbass cuz I got caught first day idc lmao I just need answers
  2. he also said to me that if I start getting crazy with anything and doing alot he will notice because of grades and other shit etc so yeah like he said he just doesnt want me to become a bum that just smokes and doesnt get anything done thats his concern. sorry this is long i just need opinions on what you think my parents opinion on smoking may be idk ik u dont know my parents but from what i said
  3. If your 18 how are you being punished your an adult if you wanna smoke pot smoke it if they don't want it in the home smoke outside discreetly.

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  4. At the end of the day its their house and their rules. It's as simple at that.

    It really doesn't matter if it seems as if they have a different set or rules for you and your brother or sometimes they are accepting and sometimes they are not.

    Just respect their rules while you are living under their roof. Don't let weed get in between a parent/child bond.

    Smoke outside the house and keep your weed outside the house until you are able to get a job, establish yourself and get your own place.
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  5. What he said above.
    They are frustrated and afraid of what might happen and want the best for you, do it for them. It’s not always about what makes us happiest in the short term.
  6. Actually, the mixed signals he's giving you aren't that bad. He's telling you to carry on but he doesn't want to be put in a position where he has to punish you (which is kind of wierd anyways considering your age)

    In other words... "Have fun son but don't let me catch you"

    Just start being super stealth. It's their house and their rules.

    Good luck!


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  7. Grow a pair
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  8. You're 18 and still living at home irritating your parents? Time to grow up. If you want to act independently, you need to actually become independent.
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  9. Im still in high school dawg lmao
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  10. Then stop irritating your parents. You might want to brush up on your writing skills too.
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  11. Man what's up with these kids these days i got no fucking clue..just don't do shit when your parents are home's THEIR home they can do whatever they want..go get a job and get your own house if you wanna smoke blunts and play it cool while high all day long so yeah, parents + pot head son/daughter aren't the best thing around..unless...your parents smoke too lmao
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  12. Bro check this out I’m 22 and remember it being the end of the world every time I got caught smoking when I was about 14.
    Here’s a little advice from someone not much older:
    Take ADVANTAGE of free housing! Stack that bread as high as you can! Every time you’re spending money on tree, that’s money you could’ve saved. At your age I had 2.5 jobs but I never had much money to show for it because I would party and blow my money on girls weed etc.
    looking back on it I would’ve focused on my swimming career whilst stacking my cheese.

    I know it’s hard not smoking man I just got off of probation of almost 3 years if you include the jail time I did. Didn’t smoke once but I wanted to just about every day. Once a pothead always a pothead. But I made it and live with my girl and my son. I’m on my adult shit (been on it) and can smoke whenever I’m not watching my boy.

    See you, once you get an apartment with a buddy or something, can be high all day if you want. You don’t have a kid like me.

    TLDR: Get money lil homie

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  13. Hi hunni. It's really hard as a parent, honestly. I don't smoke, never have but my 18 year old does. I was so upset when I found out he was smoking. But I was lucky, we talked for days, he educated me on what he was doing. I'm still worried, I've even posted here for advice.
    I put rules in place, I live here too. If he wants to smoke it's outside. Nothing gets delivered to my door. And he talks to me, I can ask questions such as when did he last smoke, to reassure me.
    You're right, it was a bit of a mixed message. But us parents are only humans too. We don't always get it right. Could you try having a talk with your dad, not sit down formal, but when you're doing something together, more relaxed? It might help if you know where he's coming from.
    Sorry if I've rattled on. Good luck. I'm here if you need me.
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