My parents are really passive aggressive.

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  1. I'm in college so I don't seem them except during breaks. They found my stash, but didn't confront me. They just drop subtle insulting hints about it occasionally, which really annoys me.
  2. what do they say?

  3. It's hard to explain since our communication is weird, but typical shit when I don't remember something or cough.
  4. same, its annoying, tell them to stfu
  5. Thats weird. Im home for spring break and my dad found some of my shit it my room. Me smoking pot is no surprise but they dont look through my room or anything like that so theyve never found anything. He was like I know everyone has tried it and shit but dont bring it into the house. So I told him I respect that and wont bring anything into the house anymore. He was actually pretty cool with it and didnt flip out or tell my mom or anything. My mom woulda over reacted and been hysterical about her sons on drugs lol.
  6. take it back
  7. You make them seem like they're horrible people. I can just see your father at the front door looking up at you, who is up the stairs, and yelling, "Son, what is that digusting stench? Take a fucking shower, you hippie."

    But anyways, you need to respond with emphasis. Say, "Yeah Dad, I almost smell bad. Free to shut the FUCK up anytime soon!"

    (I am high.)
  8. ^ I'll be high soon enough.

    Before I moved out my dad didn't like that fact that I smoked, but he didn't do anything about it. He would always call me a stoner, comment on how I'm throwing my future away, and make a big deal out of little signs that might be attributed to my marijuana use. >_>
  9. well your lucky youre parents are passive agresive instead of AGRESIVE AGRESIVE. not to be a dick or anything, its just my parents are exteremly uptight.
  10. Yea, my mom was pretty aggressive when she first found out, but she still smoked so she wasn't crazy about it. Over time she got used to it, now I don't care if she knows I'm high.
  11. yea dude i hate that, when i talk to my mom and i kinda forget something, the stress of me knowing that she is thinking "what a pothead" makes me completely forget when im trying to say and then i really do look like a stoner, and if i cough or something shell say something like "good stuff last night?" corny as hell i fuckin hate it +rep for getting me all worked up hhaa
  12. If you just don't care if they know you won't get side-tracked with worrying about it. :D
  13. lol thats why i moved for the east to the west, im alot smoother on the phone haha
  14. Yea, I loved first moving out, sitting in my living room, able to let go of every worry in the world.

  15. Man i just moved out like 3 months ago. Like 1 month before i left, my parents(mom and step dad) found some visine and some brown papers in a new power ranger jacket i have.

    My step dad was agressive as hell, but i was damn near laughing:p But damn it feels great.

    i smoke stank ass blunts just to feel my room up with a dank ass smell and not worry about the smell, i close all the windows and doors and hot box my room with some smokin goggles on. wait i got a pic, check it. oh and the last one's some master kush for your enjoyment!:cool:

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  16. How incriminating.
  17. Fo real. Betcha didn't know I'm an undercover cop. The reason I started posting on this forum was to find people like you. *Comes Over to your House*
  18. incrimination is fun! *dances*
    seriusly tho, th real question at hand is, do you care ? lol :smoke: i dont :smoking:
  19. My roommate is really passive aggressive when it comes to me smoking. He claims he doesn't mind me doing it as long as it's in my bedroom (we're technically apartment-mates I guess, 2 people in a 2 bedroom) and not the common area or his room, but he'll make little jackass comments about me being high or talk in a really condescending way until I get pissed off after about 5 minutes of it and tell him to go fuck himself. Happens every time.
  20. im glad my parents dont give 2 fucks about it. i live with my pops and he smokes too. he tried hiding it from me when i was in middle school but once i enterd high school he told me he did it. completly out front iwth it and said he cant have a probelm with me doing it because hed be a hyopcrite.

    my mom used to smoke when she was with my dad. i know this. she even told me abour her and her "wild drug days." i mean she doesnt like it but she can handel it fine. i always joke around with her and say things like "man im stressed... i need to go smoke a doob" and shell just say " i dont need to know that" but its all in fun

    my dad found a bag i left in the basement one night (must have been incredibly blazed) and one night at dinner he just said "hey you gotta pay money for yours like i do mine so it would be stupid for me to take it" and just gave me my 1/2o back.

    i still try to keep it on the dl... like "i need to go get gas" really means "i need to go smoke a j" and they know that just dont say anything.

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