my parents are kicking me out of the house because i like weed and it helps me

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  1. My rents are kicking me out because i want to smoke weed and they dont want me to they say u can leave if you want to do it.

    They have no reason for not letting me so it besides the fact that its illegal i told them it helps me and it really does i don't feel socially awkward when i toke.

    Im anorexic and i feel im fat even though you can see my ribs and weed cured up my eating problem just fine :)I don't have a job so i cant support myself right.

    Jobs are hard to find nowadays so ya there gunna kick me out evan though i passed the drug test my parents gave me yesterday.

    Ya my rents drug test me nazis right.

    So what do you guys think im gunna walk out one of these times but id have no where to go so im fucked.:(
  2. Or you could stop smoking?

    Their house their rules man
  3. If you wanna live at the house you gotta stop smokin. If smokin is worth bein kicked out, pack a bag and jet.
  4. Whats up with all these people getting kicked out their houses lately? Even one of my friends got kicked out today. Fucking weird.
  5. Dude,hes anorexic,its a serious problem,and he needs help,weed helps him,so its a though situation man,my advice is to smoke behind theyre backs until u get a job.
  6. yea but smoking at home doesnt sound like an option since they drug test him
  7. i would but they drug test every two weeks so if a drop comes up dirty im out and i dont have any money so i cant buy a detox drink and as for the piss test my dad can easily see if im fuckin with it.

    But he cant see my dick or anything i told him im not lettin you see my dick ya fuckin peder ass.
  8. Dude a male with anorexia? Why? There is no pressure put on males to look a certain way like there is on women, what is driving you to think you need to conform to a certain aesthetic standard? I could ask the same question to a girl but i know that girls are faced with legitimate body image issues. Suck it up and quit for a while, or move out. I bet $1,000 moving out and living on your own will cure your anorexia in a heartbeat.

    If this is a girl, please disregard everything except this part: YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY TO BE BEAUTIFUL, STOP HURTING YOURSELF, PLEASE!
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    You're a fucking idiot.

    Name-calling is not welcome here. -JD

  10. Alot of males have anorexia, it's not as common as females, but guys still have pressure like we do. And him being kicked out of his house won't magically cure a real disease.

    And dude, if you just quit smoking pot they won't kick you out. I understand it helps you, but so will counseling and a serious reality check. Respect their wishes and tell them you need to get help if you're forbidden to smoke.

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  12. well, the good thing about marijuana is that its gonna be around. its not going anywhere. AND its not as important as having a safe place to live, a warm bed to sleep, and food in the fridge when ya need it. i say just quit smoking, quit talking about it, and pass your tests until they are tired of buying them. who cares how long it takes. without you having a job, you cant really justify moving out because you would just have to be mooching off someone else. id rather mooch off the parents. anyway, like i said, weeds not goin anywhere. i understand that it helps you, hell it helps me and i can see why its a hard decision to make for ya. but really, sometimes its not worth it. suck it up, pass your tests, get a decent job, save up some money, get a cheap ass apt close to where you are workin, and then toke it up in your own place all ya want. good luck to ya!
  13. she is right on! if they wont let you smoke, then they should help you get the counseling it seems like you might need anyway. NOTHING wrong with seeing a counselor. they will actually take up for you sometimes when no one else will.
  14. anorexia is nothing more than an attention grabbing scapegoat

    everyone feels sorry for you because they think you have a disease

    the unfortunate part is, it works

    i can see my ribs and according to my doctor im "slightly overweight"
  15. ok as much as u love to smoke and u say it helps u is your own reason for it. but if you living under there roof then u have to respect there rules. i been in this situation many time but when i turned 18 they stopped telling me what to do. but i was recently kicked out of my grandparents home about a few months ago and now im living with my best friend till i get a place of my own. smoking bud is fun and very enjoyable but losing the place u living over it is not worth it. so my advice to u is stop smoking till u get your own place.

    just wondering u seem like ur not of age so u might as well just givin into there rules. i know it sucks but if u wanna worm place to sleep then u have no choice bro. sorry bout the bad news.
  16. word except for the overweighted part. i have some body muscle but my ribs still poke out abit. i just have a large upper bod.

  17. What? As said before "your an idiot"
  18. Do you know anything about psychology?

    Obvious not, so stfu.

    Anorexia is a psychological disease.

  19. pederast* If you do get kicked out, you should probably go back to grammar school.

  20. psychology is a PRACTICE not a SCIENCE and it never will be

    so stfu

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