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MY Parents and weed....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankbudsmoka, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. i got caught smoking pot before a few months back and my mom is suspecting that i do it still becuause she has been sniffing my room lately...the problem is when i smoke i use a bong...and if i cough she will be up the stairs in a heartbeat lol;) my parents are pretty tight assed ha but i can supress the coughing but i feel i dont get as high if i dont cough,what can be the solution here?
  2. Smoke when your parents arent at home?
  3. Dont smoke at home?
  4. my parents both work out of the home so their always here!! an i wanna smoke at home

  5. This. Respect your parents' rules, you're an adult (assuming you're over the age of 18) living under their roof. Their house=their rules.

    You get just as high, it's all in your head.
  6. #7 dankbudsmoka, Oct 11, 2010
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    are you mentally impaired? im not asking for smart remarks.

    [Figure out a way to respond to opinions you don't like without the childish name calling, please. -FW]
  7. Go outside, and cough your lungs out. Problem solved.

    Don't smoke in your damn room if your parents are pot Nazis, it's like screaming "Mom I'm smoking, but don't come in cause I'm smoking and I dont want you to find out!"
  8. #9 coughee19, Oct 11, 2010
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    Go outside? what i used to do when i tired to hide it from my parents was to go in my bathroom, turn on the shower & fan, open the window and blaze. throw some soap on the shower floor before you turn it on and it will just smell like ur showering. Coughing doesnt get you any higher
  9. hahahahah thanks man
  10. Uh...dude. If you want to smoke at home, and you cant smoke at your parents, what is the next logical step?

    I wont say but I know everyone here is thinking it...
  11. No, its actually common sense. As ppl have said, their house their rules. If you cant play by the rules move out :) :smoking:

  12. Its all in your head man trust me i rarley cough when i smoke. your best bet is to like ^^^ said turn ur shower on steaming a blaze a sack like that or just wait till there asleep or make a small one hitter or get one and go around the corner of ur house out side and sneak hits like that if they here u cough ull be able to just slide it back in ur pocket or just toss it or whatever.

  13. :hello::wave:
  14. wait till they fall asleep and pull the vape out!
  15. make or buy a vape. mflb would be the best 100$ you ever spent
  16. Well, this explains the red bar...
  17. Rip the bong harder and shout fuck the world every time you exhale...I mean, that is if you wanna keep a low profile and shit, otherwise I suggest wearing tie-dye and putting pictures of bud on your walls
  18. basically repeating what other people said but oh well.

    Go outside or move out!

    that shit made me laugh so much haha
  19. Maybe uve hgot it all wrong maybe your parents are midnight tokers in cognito and what makes them mad is not that u were "Smoking marijuana" but that fact that u didnt offer up a hit to them up and there upset because to them youve taught howto share and u did not tsk tsk :smoke:

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