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My paraphernalia pics...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jmackisback, May 25, 2006.

  1. I've been smoking everyday for about 8 years now, so even though my posts are low (for the time being...I'm going to change that!) , I'd consider myself a seasoned toker.

    Anyways ladies and gents, this is my current collection of paraphernalia. I've had many,many more pieces in my life....but I don't have room to keep everything :(

    Heres my 26" Kind Creations double perc w/ monster ashcatcher, Roor Little Sista Ice Master, 5 footer, 7 chamber acrylic,and 2 vaporizers.

    God I love living in BC ! :hello:

  2. Damn those are all some sick pieces you got there.....
    I only have a bowl..Lmao
  3. Nice acrylic man. That custom is a beast too.
  4. Nice pieces!
  5. how tall is the pruple one, damn can you clear that shit, amazing + rep for having a bong that is probably taller than i am
  6. Thanks for the positive comments guys :D

    Its just over 5 ft. And yes I can clear it.......................all in one breath! I'm known to my friends as iron lung.:smoking: I have a bigger lung capacity than a lot of people, so that helps a bunch.
  7. Kind Creations? You couldn't have possibly gotten that from THE Kind Creations in FoCo, Colorado... could you? That's my favorite head shop, just down the street from me.
  8. damn nice pieces, id love to take a rip from that mutli chambered one. + rep for nice collection
  9. Haha, same here. Sick collection man!
  10. Thanks guys! :)

    And yes, thats the place. Great company!
  11. Nice collection. +rep. i'd like to take a hit out of that monster bong.

    Say, could we maybe see a milkshot???
  12. That glass bong on the left with that purple, or blue is sweet. ^Yea dude milkshots would be cool. Does that vap work good, how much was it??
  13. Absolutely...I will have a milkshot of the double perc and 5 footer up by this weekend :wave:
  14. I love B.C. too! :D
  15. Sorry, I didnt know how to double quote in my last post.

    The Vaporizers work pretty good...but with all the different types of bud (dry or damp, compact or fluffy) you need an adjustable temperature knob to burn the herb perfectly. If you wait patiently for my vapes to fill...then they work pretty darn good. But I'd go with a Volcano vape if you can splurge. Oh and my vapes both cost about $70 each ($55 US).
  16. Sweet! I cant wait!
  17. nice collection man.
  18. dual vapage. id defintely toke with you if i lived around you haha
  19. I love 5 footers man.
  20. So everyone...I'm pretty furious this morning! :mad:
    Last night I took pics of my doulble perc milkshot and pics of my new herb.......then I drop the camera from about 6" off the floor and its broken now!:mad: :mad: :mad: It was only one week old too!:mad: I even had a small video clip of me hitting it!

    But dont you guys worry, this morning I am going to use my old camera and get a couple pics of me and my buddy hitting the double perc. Then hopefully the 5 footer tomorrow! :hello: Stay tuned later this morning....

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