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My paranoia isnt letting me get high enough

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeanSoakedBlunt, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Im always down to smoke . Lets say I roll a blunt. While im smoking it , theres a point where my paranoia kicks in because im at a certain high, and so i start thinking every car is an undercover. So I stop smoking ; and not get as high as I want to -.- advice ?
  2. Um, paranoia means you're too high...

    Or switch to sativas.
  3. So smoke somewhere that there are no cars then....
  4. No . I know what high is , and im not high enough by the time I start freaking out .
  5. Don't smoke in public?
  6. If you're getting paranoid often, it means you're too high. Or that you're hiding from footsteps or strange sounds while being too high.

    Just turn it down half a notch and avoid whatever it is making you nervous.
  7. you just got to calm the fuck down
  8. Honestly I can't help you with this, when I'm high I get that "I don't give a fuck" feeling, If I get caught I get caught. Now if I'm sober I'm flipping shit for some reason lol. Best bet is to play it cool, if you're using a blunt and they're driving by, there's no way for them to tell that your smoking weed and not a cigar.
  9. Try smoking a Indica Sativa (Hybrid) Strain it should help your paranoia problem.
  10. cuz u dippin them blunts and leanin to hard bro
  11. Smoke inside, naked. Problem solved.
  12. What kind of an undercover stops for someone smoking what could be a cigar for all they know? I don't know about where you live, but over here you'd only get stopped if you were blatantly hitting a pipe or a bong.
  13. I smoke daily and never smoke and drive, very rarely drive high. Just because others (especially if you are young) are all doing it doesn't mean you have to. Just smoke at home its not a big deal.
  14. Before you smoke, make sure that everything's straight. Then smoke. If you get paranoid just remember that your sober self decided it was a good idea, and tell him how it went later :smoke:
  15. Think about it this way: whether I'm paranoid or chill during my session, won't change the outcome of how it turns out (whether you get caught, or not) so why stress the whole time when stress doesn't make you any safer nor dangerous in whatever you're doing.
  16. Either don't smoke in public or don't get too high trust me when I get too high its felt like I'm in a dramatic movie haha

  17. TBH this is a bad idea, because there could be a fire, earthquake or other emergency. Safest to smoke in your backyard, naked.
  18. all i can say is be wary of suspicious looking vans.. but have no worries smoking blunts my friend
  19. i feel you op. there are plenty of times that ive scared myself sober due to paranoia...
  20. Ha personally I love trippin out to paranoias ha makes the high better :)

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