My Paint Job is RUINED!

Discussion in 'General' started by xXMelkorXx, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Ok, I have a really sick paint job on my Tiberion. It was a House of Kolor Special 'Tangleo'. I woke up this morning with about a dozen eggs all over my fucking car. The paint had cracked and bubbled in some places were the egg insides was on. There is even a dent from were one of the eggs hit. Turns out, I wasn't the only one that was hit. So I know who it is, and it's a fucking chick. I mean, that paint job set me back nearly a thousand dollars. Someone is getting their windows and body all fucking broken. stupid ass motherfucking bitch. I hope she chockes to death on a fucking cock. So what should I do guys? Report her (ain't my style) "Street Justice" Kick her older brothers ass, since shes a girl. Break her fucking car to shreds? Damnit I don;t know what to do.

    that's what vanity gets you, narcissus.
  3. Defintely not Vanity. I worked hard for my car, and I don't appreciate you just coming in here to tell me that. If you don't have anything useful to say Rasta, you don't have to come in this thread. Thank you .

  4. If you got 10 bills to drop on a paintjob for your car then you ain't working nearly hard enough, boy.

    And i gotta say... i can post wherever and pretty much whatever i want.
  5. Oh I agree Rasta, I'm just saying, I don't really want a flame war. But actual advice. Ya kno what I mean?
  6. R_M can post all over your ass, if he wants.
    Lol, idk.
    Sorry bout your car. That's why I don't spend an assload of money on something that just ends up sitting outside for all of its life.
    ADD: Don't hurt her brother, if he's innocent.
  7. theres nothing wrong with working hard and paying for something nice.
    as for advice..although not your style wouldnt it be nice for someone to pay to fix the paint job and body work you worked hard for. egging cars is stupid and people should pay for all the damage it causes
  8. Hey! You can't be afraid of a bitch just because she's a girl! As the wise Vincent from Pulp Fiction has so gratefulyl taught us, "You just don't fuck with a man's car!"

    Allright now here's what you do. You get bloody creative is what you do!

    Crack a single eggshell on her doorstep, let her know who you are.. The next day bomb the front side of the house in at least 24 eggs (hey, eggs are cheap these days), but the most important part of this is that, right now, today, you take 12 eggs.. Store them in a warm, wet place *AKA a basement, or storm cellar* and wait 2 months for them to be rotten solid, and *quietly* crack them open on her car at about midnight when you think she might be asleep. If she's done this to more than one person, she won't have any idea who you are.

    If this doesn't work, I could give you a few tips in 'Street Justice'.
    Gouge her eyeballs out, that'll show her you mean business. Continually place battery acid in the empty socket while scrambling around in her throat with a soldering iron. When all that's said and done and she's on the verge of unconsciousness, strap her nipples to a car battery and send her for a drive.

    That'll fix her up real nice.

    Wait, umm... Don't do that.
    Wait, Yeah do it.
  9. tell the girl you video taped what she did. tell her that if she doesn't pay you to get it fixed you're turning over the footage to the police and you intend to press felony destruction of property charges agaisnt her.


    you could do what i would do which is to read up on the anarchist cookbook on one of the many 'ways to send a car to hell' text files.
    you could:
    do wanton damage to the car

    pour spoiled milk down the front of her car (the vent under the windshield)

    you could run a fuse from the distributor to the gas tank (when she starts he car the spark from the distributor will ignite the fuse going to the gas tank and blow the fuck up.

    put crystal drano in a plastic bag and stuff into gas tank. the plastic will disolve exposing the drano to the gas. this is a volatile mixture which will heat up until it ignites the gas which equals boom.

    i'm sure you'll think of something. and if all else fails just fuck her up.
  10. Get an old sparkplug and break the porcelain peice in little pebbles and throw them at one of her car windows it will shatter it but still keep it together, and makes absolutely no noise, so all you have to do is push it and the glass will hit the seat stick your hand in and unlock the door.

    Possibilities are endless from there. But if it were me id start a big ass fire in her car, one that she couldnt put out with a garden hose and then finish it off with a brick through her bedroom window just to make sure she got the point.
  11. Your right, Melkor, my bad.

    That does really suck though.

    You work a shitty job to afford some nice stuff for yourself and somebody has to come around and fuck it up. Believe me, that's my life in a nutshell.

    These little personal wars can go on forever. You have three options in a situation like this:

    1. Do nothing. End it there. This is the thoughest because you admit that the person got the best of you and fucked you over.

    2. Retaliate. This can sometimes work. Consider you risk legal detriment and that it could come back again and end up costing you even more.

    3. Take it the the 10th level. Know your not going to be fucked around with. She eggs your car, kill her dog. She ruins your paintjob, burn her house down.

    It's up to you, 1000 buck is alot to be pissed off about. You could always take her to small-claims court.
  12. she got a car?? slash her fucking tires man
  13. ^ Thanks man. We cool? Let's spark a bowl then. :D

    Yea, these are some pretty crazy ideas. I used to have a copy of the cookbook lieing around somewhere. I think i'll just take a tire iron to her windows. If I break them all, that will equal the money I will spend to fix my paint job. I am not really the kind of guy that will fuck up someones shit. I don't want to get the police involved. But I can either go an eye for an eye, or just turn the other cheek. But I need to do something.

  14. Where is the line drawn on when to call the police? Allthough I doubt I would call if someone egged my car. She might call if you fuck with hers. But I do agree that something needs to be done, unless you diserved it. Why did she egg your car?
  15. Heh, just steal her car and then sell the parts for $$ to get your paint job fixed.
    I hate bitches, and egging people's cars and shit is just so immature. Unless it's deserved, that is.
    But don't kill her, or anything. Talk to the other people that got their shit egged; maybe you guys can combine to make payback x 1000.
    Also make 100% sure that she's the one who did it. Getting revenge on innocent people for something they didn't do is shitty.
  16. putting someones sprinkler thru the mail slot at 3 am and turning it on full is always fun.
  17. simple, bricks through her car windows, scratch her car up, knife her tires, poor rotten milk on the interior

    and when she gets a new car, haha well pour sugar in the gastank and it will destroy the engine
  18. I say take that bitch to Judge Mathis.
  19. Hmmm... television courts are usually small claims, I don't know if $1000 qualifies. But it's definitly a good idea if Melkor has good evidence.

    BTW: I saw that paint color on Pimp My Ride. They did a pickup with it and it was sick.
  20. I vote you blow her car up with the drano method and then maybe set her yard on fire later.

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