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  1. well I've been watching a lot of science movies in the past years and gain curiosity , reading books on quantum mechanics and also general relativity and Einstein's work and most recent studies on the black hole , well I've been looking at how much the stars in the universe revolving around a dense point resembles atoms orbiting a nucleus . Now that dense point is suspected of being a black hole according to some theories and its believed to be one point of matter of some sort(correct me if I'm wrong) but I think it could be like a nucleus witch exists of 2 particles . The universe resembles itself and the smallest part (atoms, act.) contains the whole universe / multiverse. It's very rough but so was the weed I smoked: smoke::smoke:
  2. As above as below. What happens in the macrocosm happens in the microcosm. The universe is a holograph.
  3. Dude, Denial, I've caught you using the word holograph several times, and it seems you misunderstand it's meaning. Check it out

    I think the word you're looking for is hologram.

    And OP, I just think you have been hella stoned and think you're on to something rather profound. Don't get me wrong, it's great that a student has the initiative to read books on quantum mechanics and general relativity in his own free time - something most people would consider a rather prosaic activity - but take it from a moron with a ego more bloated than Keith Martin, (Google that shit) you're not some gifted super genius who is about to make some amazing discovery. Although the theory is rather interesting, I don't believe you have uncovered anything, because if you really understood the subjects discussed in those books, then you'd be flinging around some very scientific jargon like monkeys throwing shit at patrons of the zoo.

    On the bright side you're from South Africa which is cool, as that is where I reside, Cape Town tbe. Keep up the interest, because South Africa actually needs more scientists, and it seems like it's going in a good direction as a Republic ever since Malema is gone; couldn't stand that guy.

    Btw, holograms have nothing to with being ''above as below,'' but the cool part about them is that they can be cut up into any numbee of small pieces, and even then each piece will still contain all the data of the original whole piece; mindblowing.

  4. I am not from South Africa my friend, it must be some default setting. A country that I would love to visit. If 2012 isn't the end then I think I will pop over in 2013 :)

    Yes, I meant hologram, I am not sure why I keep saying holograph. English is not my first language, I first learned about holograms in a different language so maybe I think it in that language and then translate it, but I'll blame it on having just harvested some amazing White Widow, it's been curing for about 6 weeks now and woah.... :) I'm just gonna spark one up...

    As you rightfully say you can cut up a hologram and each piece will contain all the data of the original piece. If you look at an atom you will find this sort of pattern...


    Where else do you find this pattern?


    Break up an atom and you will find the same pattern. Scale up from a solar system and the same will happen. That's why I find the LHC so fascinating. Once they've split the electron, they will realise that they can split the 'god particle' up again. They will spend gozillions of dollars only to find the same pattern. At that point their technologies will not be able to split it further, if they did manage they would see the same pattern emerging. Because the universe is a hologram, one that we are constantly creating simply by looking at it.

    Look at the fibonacci sequence and the flower of life. Fibonacci in Nature then look at in space

    What happens above, happens below. What happens in the macrocosm is happening in the microcosm. This doesn't make me a super genius or a super moron, it makes me observant.


    I would rather be seen as someone who is loving and compassionate rather than intelligent or moronic. "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will believe it's whole life that it is stupid." (Albert Einstein). If you're one step ahead of the rest you're a genius, if you're two steps ahead you're a madman (Gandhi?) :wave:

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  5. Being too smart and smoking strong weed can sometimes make you sound stupid...
  6. The bulk of the post was refered to the OP, Denial. I only arrogantly tried to correct you on the correct word and usage of hologram. So I was speaking to the OP, when I said he's from SA and all that other shit. Cool pics though. I've seen something similar on the History channel, but I'll rather let people who are more informed and who's job it is to uncover the universe's secrets, prove that the universe is a hologram. I'm not dismissing what you're saying, I'm simply saying that I can't explain this stuff and neither will I attempt to, so I'll leave it to the people who can - the scientists.
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    Yeah, it's interesting that shapes and structures are mirrored through the natural world. Interesting for sure. Remember the same laws are in effect all throughout the universe, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Well quantum particles are a different story I think, im not that smart :laughing:
  8. Not to be a dick but our solar sstem is not analogous to a atom. Although it can be used a an analogy, I don't think it can be used as a direct comparison. The planets in our solar system all revolve around the sun, as the electrons in an atom revolve around it's nucleus, but where there can be several elctrons orbiting a nucleus from the same radial distance [as is hown in Denial's pic], the planets do not. Only a single planet orbits only from a certain distance, and that distance is not even equal between each planet, whereas in an atom it is perfectly equal. Also, the electrons of a atom are all equal in size, form, and energy, whereas planets are all different and unique in their own right. Atoms also only have one nucleus, one point where all else orbits only the centre, whereas certain planets have bodies orbiting them. Would you explain that as atoms within atoms?

    As we can see they cannot be directly compared, and if it can't be used as a direct comparison, then it can't be fact, and therefore we re only seeing what we intend to see to prove our point.
  9. I really love this vast base of people that can communicate and share ideas and were all brought together through our love for the herb. btw I’m also from Cape Town the Lonely StOnR and fucking also hates that Malema dickface .But I don’t engage in politics as here especially is quite fucked up . But if you put all the bullshit aside and live your own life aside of that South Africa is the best place in the world to be for me
  10. [quote name='"tHe LoNLy StOnR"'] Only a single planet orbits only from a certain distance, and that distance is not even equal between each planet, whereas in an atom it is perfectly equal. [/quote]

    I'm confused about what you're saying here. If it's that electrons are all evenly spread out that's wrong. As you go out electron shells become closer and even overlap such as the 4s and 3p.

    Besides that I think the similarities are simply due to the laws of nature. Everything (except metaphysics crap) abides by them so these similar arrangements are simply a good way for the energy to be distributed.
  11. So, you're agreeing that the universe is like an atom, that is in itself part of some megacosm? Or not? You're really sitting on the fence.

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