My own, new US Tube:)

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  1. Totally set it up before thinking about taking pictures for you kids.
    Picked it up at Dementia in West Hollywood. Guy set me up with Roor stem and bowl after not liking what was on it for no extra cost, sweet deal.

    Cellphones pictures, sorry.

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  2. nice tube, how thick and how tall?
  3. My bad, 18inches and 5mm. I'll save up for the 7mm.
  4. What was on it? was it the 4 hole vented diffy? If so i think thats better then the diffuser
  5. Nice beaker man! and +rep for the hemp line!

  6. I think so. The 4hole diffy was 14mm though, I have an 18mm ash catcher to put on this baby.

    Any suggestions for names?
  7. I just wouldn't feel right naming it when I've never smoked out of it. Names should be personal and have sentimental meaning.

    But its a great pickup man, smoke a bowl for me out of it.
  8. can never go wrong with a us tubes, great pick up
  9. If you don't mind my asking, how much did that run you? I'm interested to know how much a 5mm beaker costs on the west coast. Is that a 45x5?
  10. Yeah it is and just expect to pay around two or three bills for a nice set up.

    And thanks everyone, it's the new daily driver and could not be happier.

    BUY A US TUBE!!:)
  11. That's sick dude, where do you get US Tubes? Are they available online?

    Too much ice tho bro
  12. Haha I bought my 45x5 US Tubes beaker for 160 from BFG in February. I just wanted to know how much they cost in the state they are made...I'd be really interested to know how much the same tube would cost at Big Al's in Berkley.
  13. The 5mm was 165 and the 7mm 265. It's Hollywood, you know..
  14. I feel you, thanks for the info.
  15. I copped my 9mm for $240 so you can def haggle, I am suprised you opted to get something other than the D-cut diffy...that thing is badass!!! You can watch it "puff" out in different areas while you are hitting it and it diffuses the smoke very well.
  16. Nice, US Tubes are great tubes, and the D-Cut diffy is just WOW.
  17. I feel like I'm missing out for not getting the diffy everyone is talking about.
  18. they now have pics up on bfg...that 9mm round bottom green label looks cool but classy

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