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  1. WEll guys, im finally getting to do my own grow, OH shit,and yes first post at Gc under a new name haha so hey guys, heres my questions so far

    Well guys, im extremely excited im about to start my own new grow. TO be totally honest, my main goal is basically quantity over quality, BUT with higher quality than im starting with, ya know! SO i need some stuff cleared up!

    Well To start, my grow unfortunently will be about 300-400 Seeds ive collected over the past few months and saved in a bag. I live on a huge 200 acre farm as well that is...surrounded by other large ass farms with one BIG creek that comes off of the ohio river someho, like a creek of a creek of a creek, ya know haha. SO here are my questions, ill try to ask them as simply as i can

    1) I live near Lexington Kentucky but last week we had snow on the ground, yesterday it was 70, today its 70 idk what the weather is going to keep doing, BUT when in the world should i start to germinate my seeds, or IF i do that, when shouild i just go plant them(outside grow) good location

    2) Should i just plant them in the soil i dig up, or should i use a certain kind of soil wit certain PH levels (becasue ive gone through alot of reading on all this shit, i am just curious as to how important going through and doing soil for 300 plants is it worth it or can i use just plain old soil?

    3) THis creek on my land, ive swam in it, fished in it, hell ive prolly drank about 10 gallons of water of it on accident just playing in it haha, since the grow is pretty much in the middle of no where so it cant be found, can i use this creek water to water my babies?

    4) any other tips? cause i read ALOT of info on growing, its just thats usually shown for quality instead of quantity, to be honest i just want to grow enough bud for me to smoke till next season for free.

    5) LETS SAY if i get 50 females outta the 400 seeds, how much bud could potentially be produced low estimate? i just wanna prepare for the worse haha(except it being found or eaten by some animal haha) jk jk

    6) and what exactly is curing? whats it doing?
  2. Grrr, I made a really big reply in your last post that was the same as this and now it has gone.

  3. haha its legit, just keep it on the DL ya know lol

  4. (1) You can plant outside but for Lexington wait for about April 1 to April 15.
    (2) Get a simple soil PH tester and test your outdoor soil. That will give you a good idea if it is good along with if you can easily dig it up and its consistency and other such things.
    (3) Not sure about the water, you can get a water ph test kit for about $5
    (4) Read the outdoor forum threads back as far as you can go.
    (5) Outside one can easily get a pound per plant so 5o females equals 50 POUNDS.
    (6) Curing is further drying and aging of the buds in a jar, tupperware bowl, or brown paper bag. Some potency is gained during curing but, it is mostly a process that allows for better, purer more natural tasting buds.

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