My Own Drug Dog

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by miamidopeboy, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Ok so today i wake up , my Older brother (also a big smoker) apparently ran into a semi truck tire yesterday on the highway which ended up somehow breaking his gas tank , and he leaked gas the whole way here. needless to say his car doesnt work. anyways he asked me if i can give him a ride and i told him i was gonna have my ex comeover and then i was going to go to school. it ends up that i had a shitty night and i didnt get much time to toke, so i had my grinder and my lil black kodak film holder with my grinded up trees siting under my bed where a drawer goes. i wake up and basically had a big trouble getting my ex to come over, when she finally made it she had to go to class so she could only chill for like 15 mins so we go to my room, the moment i open my door i see a chewed up paper cup on the floor no surprise because i have a mini-daschund who is still a puppy and she destroys anything i dont hide. no big deal right, but then my ex goes what the hell is that on your couch? i look and low and behold my grinder and a bunch of grinded up goodness is all over my couch. i freaked out. somehow that puppy got the grinder and the kodak thing up onto the couch and destroyed the container all the trees were scatered on the couch and i still have yet to find the entire container, needless to say i believe my dog hates weed or loves it because one time before she found a J i had in my jeans that were on the floor and she ate it. but hey it all worked out cuz my freind and i got blasted after words and my ex made me the best lunch ever, and now im expecting a delievery of some " crazy shit' sttr8 from the mans mouth so im hoping its some northern lights or something that we dont usually see in miami, illpost pics as soon as i can.
  2. get that dog blitzed, i used to have one of the same breed. thing would piss all over the floor everytime i came home.
  3. I had one when i was a little kid, and it pissed all over the fucking floor anytime something made it happy.
  4. My kitty always steals my stems.
    I let her, it doesn't bother me. :love:
  5. haha, a drug sniffing weiner dog!

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