My outlook on weed and why people ASSUME its bad.

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  1. Why do people think weed is bad? I honestly think people only assume it's bad is because marijuana is a drug, and it is clearly NOT. People grew up with there parents and teachers telling them that drugs are bad, don't do drugs and such, and having marijuana labeled as a drug, makes almost everyone think marijuana is bad.

    what do you guys think? sorry i'm coming down from a high and just thought i'd put something out there.
  2. Marijuana is a drug. It's the fact that it's an illegal drug that makes people assume it's harmful.
  3. Actually it's a plant.
  4. People look at it in a bad way because of all the propoganda imo. And cannabis is a drug.
  5. So is the opium poppy.
  6. Actually opium is extracted from the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum.

    edit; ah you changed it quick heh.
  7. Yeha its kind of like hash is extracted from marijuana. Its still a drug I dont get why some people dont think it is. It alters your mind. Shit man tylenols a drug.
  8. Just because something can be smoked in plant form and doesn't need to be processed into a pill to get you high doesn't make it any less safer. This "IT'S A PLANT NOT A DRUG" argument is stupid. Pretty much all poisons and addictive drugs come from plants.

    That aside, I think that ANYONE, given all the true facts about marijuana will always agree it's the safest recreational drug after caffeine. That is unless they were indocrinated with D.A.R.E. propaganda or other various forms over the years and won't accept the facts, even if they're from unbiased health organizations etc.
  9. Drug - is any chemical substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.

    You are a retard if you think marijuana or even sugar arent drugs.

    IMO why people presume its bad is because
    a) propaganda
    b) smoking is not safe
    c) psychological problems it can cause
    d) from seeing low life, scum, criminals, thiefs smoking weed.

    I used to think alcohol should be illegal and weed legal... After 3 years of smoking and psychological and mental problems later I think of weed very negatively. Hell if I smoke a bowl these days I will be depressed as shit and have anxiety for the next week.

    Weed can cause psychological problems in some people, it happened to me.

  10. huh? marijuana is safer than caffeine.

    You can od on caffeine, every year several people die from caffeine, and caffeine is more addictive than marijuana. You can't od from marijuana and you can't die from marijuana.

    Marijuana doesn't cause cancer, even though the smoke contains quite a few carcinogens

    Marijuana is a drug. It has a few slight health risks, all of which are easily preventable and all of which are less severe than anything you can get from alcohol or tobacco.

    People assume it's bad because it's illegal and you smoke it.
  11. Incorrect. Cannabis is a plant. Marijuana is the part of the cannabis plant harvested to be used as a drug.

  12. If someone manages to OD on caffeine then they deserve it :p I meant a joint in the morning will harm your body a little more than if you were to have a cup of coffee. Good point though.

    You guys would be amazed at how widespread the "it kills braincells" myth is. That contributes to a lot of it. Another is that it can quicken the onset of schizophrenia if you had a predisposition to it, but that ones true. Aside from that, marijuana is a horribly dangerous drug because it's illegal. A criminal record for smoking a doob is so frustrating.
  13. not to nit pick but marijuana does cause cancer.....inhaling any kind of smoke often enough can cause cancer. most people who smoke weed only smoke like one or two joints a day which isnt that much compared to people who smoke whole packs of cigs a day. and even people who smoke a pack a day, it takes them a long time to get cancer. so its highly unlikely youll get cancer just from smokin pot.......but then again theres the people who smoke pot and cigs all day....then ur fucked

  14. Cancer isn't accumulative. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE PUFF OMGS. But please show me the evidence that cannabis causes cancer.
  15. I would have to agree. A drug is any plant or chemical that has psychoactive properties. Yhe difference from marijuana and the coffee and cigarettes society accepts is the fact that marijuana is illegal.
  16. I suspect it's because nobody wants to admit that the anti-marijuana hysteria which led to its criminalization was stupid and completely irrational, because that would imply that our system was flawed. We can't have that now, can we?
  17. people with this belief still exist? i thought they all died off. marijuana is a drug. and it is also a plant. salvia is a drug, and is also a plant. tobacco is a drug, and is also a plant. I think people think its bad becuase of the media and propaganda the government puts out there. and i think the government doesnt like it because it opens your mind and the world would be less productive if everyone was getting high
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    Take it from a recovering caffeine addict who was finally 'scared strait' from research, caffeine is more harmful than you think. It does long term damage to multiple systems and causes psychological symptoms. It causes physical disorders. It causes anxiety in even people without anxiety disorders. It aggravates quite a few psychological disorders including anxiety and depression. Much of the damage it causes is irreversible or takes years to reverse. I'm not going to lecture more on caffeine since I can't even get completely off it. I r addict for sure. If you doubt me do some research about caffeine, the most widely used drug in the US (and the entire world as I recall.) Oh wait, since it comes from a plant it's not a drug. ;)
  19. People assume green is bad because its illegal. everyone has been a good cow when raised in the public school system which tells them green is bad. Alcohol is by far more dangerous than weed, when your drunk you are more aggressive(get into fights and such), you drive eraticaly, and you can kill yourself with to much alcohol.
    with weed on the other hand you are more passive, you drive hella careful because your paranoid and you cant OD on it

    P.S. on the subject of cancer. Cancer is just a mutated cell, so in theory if you live long enough (regardless of smoking or health habits) you will eventually get cancer because your body constantly makes new cells
  20. Because the majority of us grew up being told that it is bad? That shit sticks man. Still many experienced tokers have that little bit of that "its bad" mentality in them like potheads who try as hard as they can to not be a pothead or those . Sometimes I hear my mom's anti weed talk after I've smoked a loooot of weed, my philosophy on it is that everything and everyone have their comforts, something that highlights the good times and is a bright light during the bad times. We have our therapists, food, relationships memorable life experiences, money and posessions, why can't marijuana be added to this list today? As seen in the history books it was very regular in the past, or are the historians and archologists just playing a trick on us? Damnit indiana jones, you fooled us again! :rolleyes:

    You guys need to hit this sticky icky shit I'm smokin...

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