My Outdoor Selection (High Desert Climate)

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  1. Hello, I'm new to the Forums as a posting member! And I was looking for some advice on nutrients as I am just in my beginning beginning stages of flowing I have gotten great growth both vertical and all around great height and very bushy plants. I am considering using tiger bloom or Big bud I have researched into many and I just can decide which would be the best route to take for larger outdoor plants I've had great results in the past with the FoxFarm line I'm just looking to step up my quality's further (heavier resin production ,bud swelling , color )all around just increase my quality as much as possible pictures all from week or so back 1500838601169.jpg 1500838619538.jpg 1500838632413.jpg 1500838644078.jpg 1500838658566.jpg

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  2. As your are in the ground and very advanced

    IMO go air activated compost teas (AACT)

    easy to make, instant fun for the plant

    see you tube

    improves soils for next year too

    hence AVOID artificial salts

    good luck
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