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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by forey, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. hello all, this is my grow so far... germinated at around new years, so its been around 3 months so far

    my concern is that all the white bits have all turned red ( and my mate said thats bad )

    so i was wondering what i do? cut it now or just leave it to keep growing


    also sorry about picture quality, im only using my mobile phone camera :hello:
  2. I bet you dont have a camera with a macro lense do you lol. I'd say try to get better pics but I wouldent know if I saw better ones, others might though.
  3. i dont have a digital cam, but the pics i do have give a basic idea?
  4. what white bits?? the hairs?

  5. :wave: Hello ... If the 'white hairs' are turning red... then you plant is finished growing and now it's time to cut it down and let dry!

  6. Red hairs are not bad. When you hairs turn from white to red/amber, your plant is ready to get chopped down and ready to be hung up for drying. Also, what plant kind of strain is that? After my bagseed is done flowering, im looking to get some seeds and i dont want a huge plant and that looks pretty good sized for me.
  7. get a microscope and check the trichs if they are cloudy its ready dont go by the hairs, just search trichs, harvesting, trich check w/e on the search button

    btw... looks like u could give that atleast a couple more weeks to me but cant tell rly w/ that pic
  8. not sure exactly what strain it is... but its a type of skunk

    unfortunatly i dont have a microscope :(...
    thanks alot to VanIslandWitch and ksengage385 :hello: ill be cutting and drying my plant tonight hopefully

    very welcoming :D
  9. i only cut the top bud, because its the only decent sized one there....

    i didint cut the other buds because they are way to small, but they all have red hairs non the less.. hat should i do? let them keep growing

    here is a pic of the main bud ( smells reallllllllly skunky :hello:)

    isnt a really big one, but decent for first grow i would say?
  10. yea but bro you should have choped it right at the bottom and just hung it upside down but i gues what you did is fine... nice grow let us now the yield;)
  11. Yeah its usually better to chop the bottom all at once instead of chopping individual buds here and there, but it will work. And let us know what you yeild!:D
  12. hey,, is that a 5glo pot ??:confused:
  13. its a great big cookie tin that was sitting around lmfao :hello: not sure of the size

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