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  1. 3/11/23 okay hey everyone

    started my own outdoor garden of vegetables but still really wish to keep a grow journal for also tips and aid when i need it! to break it down i already planted my radishes: Pink Beauty, and Pink Lady Slipper. also i have planted already my carrots; Short and Sweet, and Nantes Half Long.

    to save time abbreviations for each plant is as follows

    PB = Pink Beauty
    PLS = Pink Lady Slipper

    SS = Short and Sweet
    NHL = Nantes Half Long
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  2. 3/18/23

    both of my radishes PB and PLS both have sprouted but i didn't think to think of not taking a pic. i will tomorrow and upload it here unless goddesss Nature's roots is pornography. :GettingStoned:
    they look really good i am always keeping them wet/moist. but like when it is more dry then wet i add more water but also its not by a lot that they are dry either. mostly all of them have sprouted it seems, a little nervous for this last cold fall, but these are cold natured plants and should be fine still

    my carrots SS and NHL i cannot exactly check how they are doing without disrupting the cardboard i weighted on top with 3 rocks. supposing when one starts popping out on the top i will know. aw can you imagine i water on top the cardboard but goes mostly to the sides spritz the whole box with the hose :Love-Plant:
  3. 3/21/23 RADISHES

  4. 4/12/23

    proud to announce my first “harvest” just from thinning my rashishes and now i will have my dinner or radishes and radish leaves ;wub: God is so giving

  5. 4/29/23
    had my first harvest successfully today! mixed em up but they’re both NHL and SS


    the leaves are nomy btw although i have noticed one type of these radishes the leaves are more pointy. those ones aren’t meant for eating :smoke:
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  6. 5/4/23
    second harvest! the purpleish one is PLS and the two red ones are PB

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