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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by JointNo1, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. im planning on planting 8 seeds 4 in pots and 4 in ground. Im planting these near like a a Creak, and its allways sunny where im planting them, my Question is can i use creak water to water my plants? or will that damage them? and another question is this is my first grow and how would i know if their female or male? like i mean how long should it take to find out if its male or female?
  2. :wave: Planting by a creek is great! make sure it doesn't dry up at all during the summer... if not your in luck! creek water is great,you don't have to water as much and when you do you don't have to go looking for another water source or packing it in.....

    Just watch out for slugs and snails .

  3. alright sounds good and another Question do you always have to germinate before you plant your seeds??
  4. you dont have to do it, it just gurantees that ur plant is sprouted cause sometimes seeds have treouble germinatiing themselves, this way its just a gurantee.
  5. ok i took ur guys idea and started to germinate my seeds and i have another Question, when you harvest you buds like i mean when its time to cut and they say hang them in a dark room on a string from their limbs, but i cant do that becuase im growing outdoors,

    * i heard you can put in the oven? what do i do tho?

    * some tould me you can put a string from tree to tree and put the buds on them and put newspaper over them?

    what should i do? please help.
  6. My best advice for drying outside, is to take a nail and hammer it into a tree, attatch some rope or string to it, get a few BLACK garbage bags, put the plant in the bags, close off the bottom of the bag and let sit for a few days.

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