My Outdoor Grow.... PICS!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DirteeJerzee, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. these are my outdoor plants. 2 very big [6ft tall] indica sativa x. germed on 4/20 in paper towels and kept indoors under a 100w HPS with a fan on untill hardened for 3 weeks
    then put out for 6 hrs a day to get used to the sunlight. started flowering on 7/30/08
    now both are fully budding top to bottom. there are more buds now then my entire indoor harvest of 6 plants and they still have 2 months left.









  2. haha. nice grow man. i am on my first grow right now too. i will post pics soon.

    how are the neighbors? :smoke:
  3. they're pretty well hidden between my house and the fence. plus my neigbors all keep to themselves.
    the house on the other side of the fence in the pic is a cool 23 yr old punk rocker chick who is cool w/ mj. didn't tell her [or anyone for that matter] about them and she hasn't said nuttin bout them so i doubt she can see them. i've caught her and friends smoking out back though.
  4. Rock on, those look boss. I love outdoor growing. For some reason it just seems so much more natural than artificial lighting....

    Also, I hear that if you use the sun and a magnifying glass to spark up a bowl that the flavor is at it's peak since there are no gases from lighters entered into the equation...

    I have not tried, but you better believe I intend to with my coming crop.
  5. That's what's up. Your neighbors probably wonder why your lawn smells so sweet lol. Outdoor is definitely the coolest. Watching these plants go crazy in the sun is great entertainment if you ask me.
  6. Very big plant . Mine are in big trash cans but I really see the difference with one that's in the ground. I hope you get to harvest (I'd take half like pretty soon or sleep out there) or you might get a very bad surprise. I hope you don't. :wave:
  7. i'm really not worried bout it, the people behind me are summer visitors known locally as bennys, so they are only here on weekends, next door is a smoker chick and the other side is blocked by my house and this really old man lives there. none of my friends know only one who knows is my wife & mother both of who i trust. hehe

    Ihad to tie them down to bend them over cause they r higher than the 6' fence. i'm gonna take some pics now so they'll be up later .

    if i did take some off now it;d be a complete waste cause they're far from ready. and believe me i wanna cause i'm running low on the stash from my indoor harvest.
  8. IMG_2428.JPG




    reese.JPG the garden gaurdian
  9. Looking good!
    The one in the ground looks like it is still sitting in a pot!? It would have grown to a MONSTER if you would have put it straight in to the ground (no pot).
  10. i cut the bottom of the pot away when i buried it. and believe me it is a monster

  11. I believe you, pictures can be easily deceiving.
  12. in a way i'm kinda glad it didn't get to be a 9 footer
    even though i could easily train, top & f.i.m. and keep it below the fence but it'd be that much more to hide.
  13. Good grow man. I would so worry about getting busted like that with it in my backyard like that.

    Since my plants are so hidden in the country. LOL

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