My outdoor dec. DANK. NEED ADVICE. Help with strain decifering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by eudora, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Hey people first time posting, first time growing. And im pleasently suprised at my results [​IMG]

    So i started these about 4 months ago (maybe less). My buddy just gave my some seeds, unfortunatly i would really like to know what the strain is. If anyone has any idea at all, please let me know.



    In the begining i was moving them outdoors during the day, and then under some weak florescent light at night time. About 1 month and half ago i finally moved them from my house to my g/fs house to remain outside for the rest of the grow cycle. They have been budding for about a month now.

    I've noticed the smaller girl is producing bright pink hairs. Is this genetics? Do i have some super weed? haha.


    Any tips?
    Any idea how much longer i should let these bud for?
    Does it seem normal that they are still budding this late into the season?

    And one last question, is it ever too late to take a clone? I've been regretting not taking any clones from these, as they seem ridiculously dank. And i am fairly sure i will fail at cloning. Is it worth it to give it a shot this late into the budding cycle?

  2. this is probably the most unfriendly cannabis discussion board i've visited recently.

    ANyone out there answer serious questions?
    Or do i have to ask about growing in the tops of tree's to get someone to read this.
  3. its hard to identify by pic man but i have seen some sativas from mixed seed bags that end up with pink pistols and there was one posted on here somewhere,im deff not a expert but i have seen quite a few post where people want there plant identified and peeps always say they cant by pics so other than that they lookin good,where i live november is the latest you can leave plants outside without freezing so consider yourself lucky you have a warmer climate--peace
  4. now thats not very nice..

    to answer you, its probobly genetic.

    all of your other questions can be answered by the search bar.
    try it.
  5. WOW....are those really growin' in trees....thats high up? How do ya' water them?.....What kind R those? that what ya' wanted? J/K man its really hard to ID them even if we are right pistils...could be weather(plants turn purpleish when cold) genetics,fertilizer....and you can cause it with food coloring....after ya cut B4 ya trim:wave:
  6. If you dont know the strain..... no one will...
  7. see, you guys aren't so bad after none of you have heard of one specific strain putting out vibrant pink hairs? is there a couple strains that are notorious for doing this? and one last question, this probably deserves a new thread so people will actually take it as a serious question... is there any seed companys that ship to the usa?
  8. ya it seems to be california orange bud, they have deep pink hairs..... check it out on that websites works wonders for information
  9. man the doc will treat you right
  10. dunno bro but they look pretty tastey

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