My outdoor Blue Dream "tree".

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 6gears1speed, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. This thing has a tree trunk. My frst in ground grow so I dont know if it's normal but the others dont look like this. Ive pruned low growth and trained it wide but it still may reach 5 to 6 feet in three months when I harvest. It's almost 4 feet now.

    This is dark virgin soil where I burned my brush so its heavy in ashes, and i added composted cow manure.

    Also in the soil are tomatoes that have grown out of control.


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  2. Looks great! Especially for your first grow!
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  3. IMG_20190719_165132.jpg
    Gotta love tree trunks!
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  4. My trunks look similar but not as large. That is a handful for sure.
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  5. IMG_20190719_170758.jpg
    The nice thing about seedlings is their straight trunks. It's not my fattest but it sure is purdy
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  6. Here's how she looks today. Two or three weeks to harvest. Six feet tall and six feet wide with loads of buds. If I were in a year 'round state I'd double up on it.

    I'm allowed 6 flowering plants. They dont limit the size of the plant though! Some day I suspect they will.

  7. They look awesome, and Blue Dream is a great strain! My 2 White Widows are 7 and 9 feet tall with huge trunks, but not THAT huge! Best of luck :)
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  8. Chopped... Nice healthy roots. Hope it translates to nice smoke.

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