My other method of Getting High. Flying Paragliders.

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  1. So, this is my method for getting high when I'm out of herb. It's called Paragliding, and you fly using a massive yet quite advanced parachute. You're able to feel the different air currents pulling on your harness, fly up through the clouds in thermals, or even fly cross country. (Someone recently broke the record of flying over four hundred miles in around nine hours.) It gives you such an amazing feeling, and you feel as if you're a condor soaring around the sky. Feel free to throw down any questions if anyone is interested. :wave:

    Flying in Hawaii.
    [ame=]Paragliding Kahana Bay - YouTube[/ame]

    Flying at a mountain in Oregon.
    [ame=]Paragliding Woodrat Mountain - YouTube[/ame]

    Watch in HD!
  2. fucking sick!!!
  3. I'd love to do that high..
  4. Looks like a great hobby. I had a ultra-lite many years ago but the wife thought it was too dangerous so I sold it.
  5. I'm testing out skydiving soon. Pretty stoked for that. Going late October on my birthday with one of my good friends from 4th grade that has the same birthday and he turns 18 this year (I'll be turning 19, just so that doesn't get mistaken as me turning 18 :p) We've also rented around 4 exotics in Vegas, I got a Mclaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8, and a Nissan GT-R to lap around a course. Should be a good time, all together, except for setting me back like $2,200, haha.
  6. Ughh i really want to try this!

  7. damn that sounds fukin sick
  8. Hopefully it will be. If you want to look into it it's called Exotics Racing I believe. They're in Vegas and LA. I'm pretty excited, except I just recently found out that you have to drive with an instructer, that has a brake on his side. It's kind of bullshit. It honestly has me thinking about cancelling and switching to Bondurant, here in Phoenix. They put you in a Formula Mazda for 60 laps for $500. Would save me like $500, plus travel cost, because I live in Phoenix, for a total of like 40 more laps. Basically, the only difference is not having the prestige by saying you drove those cars.
    I'm more excited for the skydiving than anything else though. I found an ultralite rental place too, may do that in early spring or so.
    If you can't tell, I'm an adrenaline junkie :rolleyes:
  9. I lack trust in skydiving. Something in my mind isn't secure about relying on a parachute to open. I love being able to see your chute prior to taking off, but I guess then there's not as much adrenaline. We do collapse though in turbulent conditions, that can be quite a fucking rush.
  10. This is still pretty cool. To me though, what could be better than jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet and fall at 120 mph? So far, my most adrenaline was getting a Corvette ZR1 to 170 mph, but I have a feeling that won't even compare. There's just nothing better in my mind.
    I'm thinking that if I like skydiving, though, and end up saving money for not going to Vegas, I may go paragliding. I actually just found someone selling one today. It would be pretty cool to have a flight that can last hours. Seems pretty cool, man.
    Side note: I just finally remembered to rep this haha.
  11. That is so awesome! :eek:
    How much does it cost to get into this hobby/sport/whatever?
    This looks like it would be the most scary amazing thing...
    +internets for the video
  12. I'm for from 100% sure, clamb will probably be able to give a better answer, but I've been researching it a lil bit and I've found them to buy for about $1,600, without the harness. So, I'd guesstimate around $2,000 total to get started.
  13. I purchased a top quality progression wing for around $3,200. I probably spent around $5,000 for harness, main wing, and reserve chute, and another $1,000 for training. I bought my first wing and harness for only $300 though, and I now train my girlfriend on it. I suppose it's just about how old of a wing and harness you're comfortable with flying, it's like buying a car.
  14. I have been looking into getting my P2 Certification. I have never gone up but I'm drawn to theses types of sports. The school is about 3 hours from me and provides a place to stay when your there. The cost is $1650, does that seem high or what?

    Intensive P2 Certification Course

    Come to Glenwood for a vacation and learn how to fly. We offer luxury accommodation in self catering units during your stay here at Glenwood, with tents and cots provided during your stay at the training hill at no additional cost.

    Our certification program runs between 8-12 days and utilizes complete immersion, thereby catapulting your skill level in a condensed time frame. What makes us unique from all the others is the use of a training hill, ridge soaring, and high altitude flying. Our two training sites offer the student diverse landing options ranging from restricted to wide open. After our intensive, you will walk away with enough skills and knowledge to effectively deal with any conditions a P2 site might require.

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