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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Dangerousmind, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. i just wanna know whats up with my order # 020684 i placed it over a month ago and it still hasnt shipped. could you please hurry up.
  2. Have you put this in grasscity shop support?

    If not I'll send this to SJ and see what is going on!
  3. no i havent could you please send it to him.
  4. im gettin real tired of waiting just send the goddamn spoon.
  5. I have sent this to SJ.. He is on vacation.. He will be back next week..
  6. Me too...been waiting to hear something positive about my purchase. Nice selection of gizmos though. Will shop again
    if they deliver ok.
  7. sorry to ask again but please hurry im leaving for school on the 12th, and i dont wanna have to drive 2hr to my house to pick it up.

  8. According to my administration, I have not received payment for this , how did you sendi t to us, please mail to



  9. Off course you are right, strange, what is going on with this order, I'm going to check it for you and let you know, sorry for the frustration about this!

  10. i just have one more question: will the spoon come with ups or some other corrier service or just in regular mail?
  11. ok i just got it. its cool except for the colors arent the same as the pic but it still looks sweet. thanks, but my major rant is that it took way too long to get here i placed the order on 7/21/03 and i got it on 10/2/03 thats 2 months and 12 days, way too long.

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