My order from Attitude...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by danktank 420, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Big Bang, Shark attack, Silver Kush, Dinachem, Cheese, Blue OG, Pineapple express and Purple Haze. Hope it makes it through:D

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  2. Good luck man!

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  3. how long did it take for your package to arrive?
  4. I just received an order that got taken by customs, 2nd time its happened. Paid for a tshirt and $50 in seeds, not sure if I want them to reship and have my address on more lists.
  5. Ordered from herbie's 3x and no issues, except I am not happy with seed quality at all.
  6. I tried to talk myself out of buying from Attitude because of the customs drama, but the freebies were too good...
    DNA - Snowland x6
    Delicious - Northern Lights Blue x5
    Female Seeds - C99 x4
    Dinafem - Critical Jack x3
    plus these freebies....
    DNA - Silver Kush
    Dinafem - Dinachem (I wanted to try this one, heard its a legitimate chem strain)
    Humboldt Seed Organization - Purple Trainwreck
    Reserva Privada - Kosher Tangie (!!!)
    TH Seeds - Sage n' Sour
    G13 - Cheese
    G13 - Blue OG
    G13 - Purple Haze
    G13 - some auto I'm gonna give away or plant randomly outside
  7. Nice order bro I wanna grow Blue OG too @[member="spunyun"]
  8. attitudes the first time for me was 12 days..I went guaranteed stealth,nice tshirt humboldt seed org..just did another order no stealth no guarantee. We c wat happens
  9. I was leary with all of the horror stories Iv'e heard. I had no problem my last orded but that's been well over a year ago.

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  10. Got them yesterday! Gonna throw the auto flower freebie in first. I have 4 flowering runts close to finishing and 8 plants in vegg, all of which are bagseed.

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