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My options with Moldy bud..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Les Bucket, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. About a month or so ago I picked up 4oz of some very nice KB for cheap off a friend. The weed was very sticky and fresh. I was able to stuff most of it into an airtight glass jar. Unfortunately, it must have been wet still, because I have some moldy weed now. It's not THAT bad, just very small white, dusty patches on most of the buds; and the bag smells like mildew.

    Anyway, I'm probably not going to smoke it, but what are my other options? Are brownies okay to make?

  2. Im no expert on the types of mold that grow on weed.
    That said I would not smoke it... MAYBE make brownies or a cake or some pasta....

    Mmmm sorry I am blazed and hella hungry D: :bongin:
  3. ya i would make some hash or cook with it or something..i would NOT smoke that shit though. burning dried leaves covered in mold CANNOT be good for you.
  4. I had about an ounce of moldy shit and we made brownies and hash with it
  5. is it okay to make brownies though? I know making hash oil is fine but will brownies still be as dangerous as smoking?
  6. youll get one nasty infections in your lungs... dont smoke it
  7. #7 Stylez, Sep 5, 2008
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    Toss it out sorry
  8. My dear friernd, Billy Bob T-Bag has the answer for you! My close friends had the same situation a few years back, a quarter pound of a moldy crippy-grow gone wrong! The thing to do is this: you grind it ALL up really well, do either alcohol or butane extraction (look up a method they're everywhere) and then use the oil itself to make brownies. Use ALL the oil. These were the most harcore brownies I've ever had in my whole life. Cook all the "oil" into the real cooking oil that you'd usually use to simmer ground bud. One and a half brownies and I was having a pretty much psychedelic experience. Watch out, if your tolerance is not like mine you may find yourself worshipping the porcelain god...maybe slice into cubes and do the toothpick thing? Keep a strong buzz all day..
    I hope I helped you turn your 4 ounces of lemons into lemonade!:smoke:

  9. Haha what a great response, had everything it should.

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