My opinions on North Korea, China, Myanmar and other nations of such.

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  1. Ever since the new millennium things are all changing. Technology, communication, energy, the world is changing.

    A thing that should be changed are military dictatorships. No where in the world should there be dictatorships. Dictatorships are a form of government that needs to be eradicated. Democracy should encompass the world with no borders. Even the United States isn't democratic enough. Now I don't mean we should vote on every little thing, but there are some big issues that I think should involve the votes of more than 500 old guys being paid by big corporations, but back to the topic.

    North Korea

    What a royal mess they are. Kim Jung-Il is a madman, and like Hitler we need not wait for him to make the first strike. There first satellite beamed down patriotic music they are brainwashed beyond imagination. Helicopters fly around blaring patriotic music. There people are starving to death, concentration camps for political prisoners are widespread and misery is infinite in the walls of North Korea. Even China is becoming upset with them. They take the United Nations rations and sell them to the richer of the poor people in North Korea.

    We cannot sit idly by while this madman terrorize his people. We do not need to be angry at the North Koreans as they are the victims. He blatantly defies national law and the sanctions on North Korea only make the people suffer more.

    Kimg Jung Il needs to be deposed as soon as possible, whether it be by commandos, rebels or whatever he needs to die. And there government obviously needs to be replaced with a democratic one. Now in all out war isnt necessary but it likely won't happen if he is deposed.

    The only way to stop him from terrorizing his people without killing him would be an invasion, which would be very messy and amount to an extensive loss of life for all countries involved.


    Right in the source of the fuckpit of that is the political climate of southeast Asia in China. Sure they look like a nice friendly nation, which for the most part they are. But they too are opressed beyond belief. Most of them don't even know that the Tianamen Square Massacre even happened. There country would be in dissaray without there communist government so slowly they must be eased off of it because there are alot of people to manage and there government cannot be changed overnight in a political assasination. They promote everything that stands against democracy and encourage it all around them, they are the new Soviet Union in a sense.

    I don't really know what can be done here honestly. What do you expect, they tried to show the world in Tianamen Square that they wanted democracy and nobody stood up to help them. And now there is a really big problem.


    They are probably the most secretive nation in the world next to North Korea. They are ruled by a military junta with a gestapo police force everywhere. When cyclone nargis happened took the time to relabel all the aide packages the United States and the rest of the world sent them with the names of there top generals while people starved.

    Things arent as bad here though, they have supposedly moved to have some elections in the future but they will likely be a puppet government wing with no power whatsoever. And Sun-Kyi the elected Prime Minister who was ousted from office just had her house arrest extended.

    As with all military dictatorships, here military action will be the only situation, the leaders most be deposed and democratic elections must be held.


    I don't know if there technically a dictarorship or what but what a shit storm we have created here, there a whole country of islamic fundamentalist extremists to put it in a nutshell, there military is huge and there paramilitary forces everywhere. This would be the second hardest country to have democratic elections in.

    Like Hitler, Mahmud Ahmidenajad has repeatedly made threats against other countries and responded with hostile actions to all the world. And again the sanctions only hurt there starving people, who are the victims of mass brainwashing and overwhelming poverty.

    Military action would be nearly impossible to solve this problem and I have no idea what can be done here.

    Thanks to anyone who read all of that.

  2. Why is democracy sooo much better in your mind than a military dictatorship? One stupid person ruling versus the majority of stupid people making decisions.

    I'm a big fan of democracy I'm just saying, let other governments do what they want to do unless it affects us no reason for us to be in everybody elses shit just like we don't want them bothering us about shit.
  3. Well really how do you know who's stupid or not if only one person gets a say. How can you say its what they want if they can't say it.
  4. What I'm saying is this, if it doesn't effect America DIRECTLY and I don't mean our allies I mean us directly we shouldn't even bother.

    What I'm saying about democracy is everyone acts like it's the best thing to ever happen but it is also a very flawed system. One of the things our forefathers were worried about was democracy getting out of hand and really it's only recently that democracy has been looked upon as something good/great. Democracy while it is great for some things can lead to the same thing as a military dictatorship if the majority are making ill informed or fucked up decisions.
  5. I understand what your saying but if people can vote for who they want I don't think it will be for people for will murder and starve them to death. We should let people suffer because there land isn't the same name on a map as us.
  6. You are against other dictators, but you want to be able to dictate what forms of government are acceptable?

    I do agree about those countries, but it's not the form of government, it's the evil governments they have. Democracy or any other kind of government can be just as bad, it's only as good as the people running it.

    Also, dictatorships and communist nations are different, even though they do share that a few people hold great power over a large number of people.

    China, in particular, is fucking dangerous. The "peoples" republic of china really does need to be eradicated, as you put it, but not because of their form of government, because of what they DO with that form of government. If the dictator is dedicated to the people and upholding what they need, then they are good, the problem is that a dictator like that is rare, but when they show up they usually transition the government to allow for more power checks for their successors.
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Dr. Paul on North Korea[/ame]
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    In democracy everyone dictates...sort of. I'm not saying democracy is perfect but its better than military dictatorships and communism.

    Communism needs to be run by a computer to work.

    It looks good on paper but it sucks in real life.

    That video says it all, North Korea is like a spoiled child.

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