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  1. I used to played Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare back in the day.

    No one needs to be told that COD4 is one of the best multiplayer FPS/multiplayer experiences ever created.

    Then COD4:2 happened...that game is shitty as anything.

    The CoD series turned into

    Call of Duty: Call of Missiles + Helicopters
    Deluxe: Akimbo-Airstrike Edition

    It was completely ruined. Modern Warefare 3 is absolutely awful.

    However, I just got my hands on Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and it is a beautiful game. I am super impressed.

    Once again, the focus is around using guns to kill people, not gadgets.

    I no longer hold a gun for the first 5 minutes of a game and proceed to use all my toys like Inspector Gadget to kill people. (MW3)

    The class creation is elegant and close to perfect. So many choices, and so many decisions to be made - all very balanced.

    I just love it.

    Plus the multiplayer theme is legend:

    [ame=]*EXCLUSIVE* | Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Menu Music | EXTENDED VERSION - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I was loving it for a while....then it got boring overnight....
    havent played in a while but might rent it again
  3. I played a lot when it was released and then dropped playing completely after about a week.

    Picked it up last night again last night and its better. Fuck people who replace the UAV and use kill streaks that don't help their team. I'm usually the only person who has a UAV on my team while the opposing team is calling them in like party favors.
  4. I don't like the multiplayer at all. Seems more based on the gun you choose rather than skill involved.

    The campaign was great, but as a veteran player I thought the difficulty was way too easy. Veteran felt like hard. No hard spots that took me forever to get passed like on previous, say Cod4 Ferris Wheel mission.

    The zombies is the sole reason I purchased this game. I just wish it didn't cost 20 bucks everytime I wanted a new map.

  5. Zombies? :confused:

    Zombies is the worst part. It has no point and is boring and tedious/easy.

    If you wanted a zombie game, play Left 4 Dead 2. I have been telling CoD Zombie players this since the first Nazi Zombies was released.

    I can see how you would think it was based on what gun you chose and not how you use it.

    The game is not any where as closed to Balanced as Team Fortress 2, probably the best FPS multiplayer game ever released but it's still pretty good.

    That is why you have multiple classes, to switch them out in the moment for a more suitable approach.

    CoD Multiplayer is all about dynamic class building/class switching. :wave:
  6. I hate all the killstreaks in it lol I suppose it's ment to make the game more exciting, but i'd prefer just guns and grenades only

    However I must say the graphics are very very good. Even on a console it's hard to see the edgings etc..

  7. I've played plenty of zombie and survival horror games. This is different and fun compared to L4D or Dead Island or any other game like that.

    The zombies mode is fun and challenging to me and many others and it's satisfying making it to wave 20+.

    The multiplayer just doesn't appeal to me. Cod 4 was great. Cod MW2 was fun for a while because of quickscoping.

    But this black ops multiplayer isn't that great to me. I'm only level 24 so I haven't unlocked many weapons, but it seems every one puts a target finder on a submachine gun and sprays like hell.
  8. I pwn them newbs no matter what gun I use.
  9. Im halfway through prestige 5 now and I'm really enjoying cod for the first time after MW2 now. Few things that annoy the living shit out of me are:
    - the ultimate combo of shock charge+bouncing betty
    - the KSG and its unbelievable range
    - how some guns are just godly (PDW, MSMC, FAL select fire) and always will beat you 1v1.
    Overall treyarch did an amazing job though
  10. Was glued for the first month, fell off after that. Actually got back on today for the first time in a while, played decent. Wasn't having a lot of fun tho.

    I kind of just want to go back to modern warfare 1 or WaW to be honest. New games really do suck.

    Maybe I should retire on GTA 5
  11. Okay, so I was having a blast with this game on Christmas. I was playing split screen online multi with my brother, I was player 2. I kept telling him that since I was on the "Guest" account, all of the shit I unlocked would be erased once we stopped playing. He fucking totally insisted that he and his roommate play this game more than me and that it wouldn't matter.

    Well it totally mattered, my level 10 vector and all the attachments, gun levels, perks etc. had all been erased. I still have his higher level shit, but he mostly uses lmgs or snipers.

    So I haven't touched multiplayer after that.

    Same thing with campaign. I did the first 3 or 4 missions, finished the one where you glide through the forest and I wanted to replay one of the levels for whatever reason. I looked for a level select option but all I found was "New Story", I thought it could be it. I clicked it and it even warned me that it would erase my progress, I thought it was just a typical "all unsaved progress will be lost" thing.

    So yeah I haven't played campaign after that. Just zombies, and I'm already back to playing B01 zombies. Though nuketown is pretty cool
  12. I can't stand BO2 multipler. It seems as though with every COD release the lag gets worse and worse (no my internet does not suck). Head glitching everywhere. The hit boxes are just ridiculous. Its annoying when I turn a corner and someone kills me an hour after I'm fully around that corner. I do like the level of class customization and the variety of game types though.
  13. Every cod has has head glitching and bullets chasing around corners. My internet is really good so I'm almost always the host and I don't have much issue with lag. Every so often I'll lag out of control but its my Xbox bc it happens in non online games. It's a problem with the Xbox slim I think.
  14. [quote name='"SmOkiepokie"']

    Every cod has has head glitching and bullets chasing around corners. My internet is really good so I'm almost always the host and I don't have much issue with lag. Every so often I'll lag out of control but its my Xbox bc it happens in non online games. It's a problem with the Xbox slim I think.[/quote]

    But you have to admit that BO2 is by far the worst when it comes to head glitching. The maps are littered with obstacles that are the perfect height for it. The game overall isn't that bad though. The campaign is a bit too easy even on veteran.

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