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  1. Hi all. So again im on a T-break, lately I have been only smoking once a week(on weekends). Last time I smoked was on saturday, and I can tell you that being sober isnt actually that bad. Yes it feels terrible on the day you ran out of bud or etc and the day after, but after that its easier. I have found out that its all actually behind your thinking. Its all in your mind... and you can change it if you want to.
    To make t-break easier, you could get some hobbies (Gym really helps) or any other kind of sport, what u love to do. Just find something that would keep you busy, and you will notice, that you aint even thinking about weed anymore.
    Another thing what could motivate you to be on a T-break is again thinking: just think that you will get super high after t-break, and meanwhile while you are sober, do your studies, etc, just in overall keep your life in a "good shape", so you could toke up after a break in peace and harmony, without any worries and no stress :)
    Ofcourse, it might not be so easy for many people, sorry about that :)
    - and yes - this text came from heart - a good heart.
  2. this may work if you only smoke occasionally but when its part of your daily routine its a lot harder. especially when you cant sleep...
  3. I agree with u. But I have been on sessions,where I smoked a month everyday, 2 months etc, and still was able to take t-break... although I have also had sleeping problems due that... but ofcourse, I never tried any strain, perhaps its harder with strains...

  4. how did you smoke weed without smoking strains lol?
  5. there isnt any strains availaible where I live.. atleast as far as I know. I have been smoking the most regular marijuana u can find I guess.
  6. I used hate having to take t-breaks. Now, however, my last t-break made me realize that as much as I love smoking, I just cannot be a daily toker anymore. Or rather, I should toke up after I get shit done (although during is nice but...), much more rewarding.

    T-breaks get easier. I don't take them unless I really have to though...
  7. just because there isn't a name to go with it doesn't mean its not a strain lol. every plant is a strain of some sort. its like the make or model of a car.
  8. OK, fine , whatever mr smartass! lets just say then that I havent tried anything strong. is that okay ?
  9. Yep, I need to take a good month or so t-break, it really is hard once you get used to it though.

    The sleeping is a big issue for me, but it only lasts for 2-3 weeks, but those weeks are pretty hellish and most people give in.

    After the first month it's easy, it's like being lifted out of a fog. I'm still pretty foggy but it's coming
  10. T-breaks are impossible for me because I NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO!! FUUUUUUCK!!!!
  11. i smoked basically everyday for a year before this t break, and my tips are, stay hydrated, spend alot of time in the sun, and get some melatonin, its a relaxation/ sleep aid, the bottle says take one, i take two so i can pass out if i cant sleep. lower temperatures help with sleep as well. a vitamin regimen is working wonders for me. a couple times a day, out of nowhere, i feel sharp, vivid, and refined, and kind of stoned. im going on 8 days now, and have been chillin with my friends in their smoke sesh's, even rolling their joints/ blunts. its been the easiest t break ever. good luck to my fellow tbreakers.
  12. you have everything to do. clean, cook, run somewhere, work outside, practice meditation, take naps, its all in your head dude.

  13. I don't clean, I don't cook, I can't run, I don't work because the job I got can't find a place for me to work, I'm too impatient to meditate sober, and I can't take naps as I'm an insomniac, I have no friends, and I live where there is NOTHING to do at all unless you have a have and I don't have a car or licence.

    If I at least had a computer then T-breaks would be piss easy. Before you ask how I'm on GC I'm using my shitty game system as my internet.
  14. the way i look at it is, i let the bud take hold of my entire life.
    everything depended on smoking weed.
    i THOUGHT i needed it to: no no, i TOLD MYSELF i needed it to:
    start my day
    have sex
    be happy

    wtf more is there to life?
    its not the weeds fault, its my own. i gave my life to weed, and now im taking it back, and ive never felt better about any other decision.
    however, i still cant wait to get blasted after i piss for this job :bongin: :D
  15. i've been on a "t-break" since august. know what? i dont even care anymore. i dont even want to smoke. sure i miss it sometimes, but...its just weed.
  16. Boredom is what makes me smoke, and its the only way for me to get a good night's sleep.

    If I had a computer I'd just play Runescape all day until I got a place to work at.
  17. the said above that you consider facts, are only facts because you tell yourself they are.
    self destruction my friend. it happens to the best of us.
    noone else is going to change any of it but you.
    now, do you want to change it, or do you want to keep lying to yourself?
  18. I want to change it but there's nothing I can do.
  19. you sound like my friend Karl, I wish you could meet Karl lol. yesterday he developed a pilonidal cyst on the top of his ass crack from playin starwars on pc for hours on end, he went to the doctor, now he has to sit on a circle cushion for 8 weeks.
  20. you really suck at this man. keep telling yourself theres nothing you can do, and youre going to believe theres nothing you can do. the best of luck to you.

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