My One-Thousandth Post!!!!! wooh0o

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. wooah, monumental. Can't beleive i've made 1000 posts here at the city. time to smoke a nice bowl topped off with some kief in honor... i feel like i'm now a seasoned toker of the city:hello::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: &now i am baked. i've been a member here since i was a mere noob, asking for advice or pity after i had just gotten caught. what a long way i've come... i know so much about pot, and i owe probably 80% of that from GC, 10% from erowid and 10% from experience... and i've experienced a lot!

    love all ya, gc'ers
  2. Grats son, Im proud of ya. :D
  3. We should have a gathering sometime, where every1 on GC comes under a pavilion and toke together. dreams...

    congrats man kewl shit
  4. grats bro.:)
  5. we should all organize some kinda awesome, woodstock-like, music/get stoned fest. it'd be pretty awesome, i think. GrassCity Presents: "___________________", and we'll get all kindsa good bands and shytt, and then we can all bring some drugs. yeaaaaa... hehe my 1001th post sucked, im too baked now hehe
  6. !!!congratulations!!!

  7. ive always enjoyed your posts, cheers mate.

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