My 'On The Go' Set Up

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  1. Here are a few pictures of my on the go set up, check out the pictures. I find it very convenient and easy. Sorry for such a dumb thread but feedback and comments are always welcome, I'm pulling an all nighter and figured I'd post it up. Hope you guys enjoy what I have going on, +rep if you do!

    First we have my lighter.. sick torch lighter I picked up at a quick mart type of place. It's pro for lighting up some ganja when held upside down.

    Than my bubbler, it's a very simple $3 piece I bought. The green Microfiber cloth is what I use to wrap it up in before putting it in the air tight mason jar so there is no glass on glass contact, as you'll see below. I also use the cloth to clean it by wrapping a pencil in it and pushing it into the bubbler.

    Very simple all together combo, on the go for me. Mason jar keeps the stench out of my trunk when it's in there tucked in with the spare tire. Pop the trunk, lift the floor and grab the jar.

    Hope you all enjoy, I'm going to watch the rest of this beat ass movie, "Wax House" or whatever!
  2. Looks nice. I've hit one of those pipes before and it worked suprisingly well
  3. thats pretty nice and simple for an on the go setup and clever way of hiding your bubbler too. +rep
  4. Yeah, that's similar to the piece I first smoked out of after my 2 year break, the only difference is it was a blue tube and had a marble mouth piece. The wooden one had a certain taste to it and kind of made me cough from it - but after continuous use, that taste is no longer there. I also have another one I just gave a friend that is double the size.

    Thanks for the rep, very nice on the go setup I love it. Smell-less, simple, everything you need in one jar. If the cloth wasn't so big but just big enough to wrap up the bubbler I could probably even fit my grinder in that mason jar too. But ehh..

    Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming:hello:
  5. They have those bubblers at my local headshop, is it worth the 3 dollars? haha
  6. Hell yes, cheap and easy just the way I like 'em.. sometimes.:smoke:
  7. cool little bub, man.

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