my old mans's painting and my tat's

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    So a while back I posted the King tattoo on my back and I said I'd post the rest of the series that I have and the painting that inspired them all.


    Here's the Bishops, the left one looks smaller than the other but it's just the angle:

    Here's the Knights, they're on the outside of my calves:


    Here's the Painting that inspired it all, this is just a print I have, the original is at my parent's house and is about 5 ft x 8 ft:

    I still have the Queen to get on my chest and the Rook to get on my right arm, but I thought I'd share what I have now that I have some pics.
  2. That paintings a trip man especially the white cloaked dude pointing on the left +rep for meaningful tats

  3. The white cloaked figures are the spiritual forces that control the war, the men behind them are the earthly forces that think they're in control.
  4. Damn that painting's amazing tats are freaking sweet too. +rep
  5. Mind if I make that image into a poster and hang it up on my wall?
  6. lovin ur dads painting. +rep for posting it up!
  7. thats an amazing painting +rep
  8. That shit is really fucking awesome man...
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    Thanks guys, glad you like it, I'm definitely my dad's biggest fan. I have a few framed pieces of his.

    and no I don't mind if you want to print out his paintings, though I do have access to a ton of prints of that and a couple others if anyone wanted em.

    My sister also has the queen and pawn next to each other on her back to represent the transformation at the end of the board into the queen, i.e. who we're all trying to become.


    I just realized the linka t the top to see the King tattoo is to another random thread I made way back, not the tatt one, here's the correct link for anyone who wanted to see that one.
  10. awesome painting i wish i was that skilled.
  11. wheres the king and very cool tattoo idea

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