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  1. I had done 1 grow in my house with seeds.  I was able to get 2 females out of 6 seeds.  Not bad.  But I was having my first daughter and I had to put everything in rubber made bins for the future.  Well, I moved to Raleigh from Pittsburgh and had to find someone that could rent my house.  I thought of my friend that had experience in a professional growing setting in California.  He was all about it.  I told him to pay the mortgage and I would not have a problem with what ever he did.  Well, I made it back home over Christmas for the first time and he showed off the set-up he had.  I was amazed. Full hydro system with 6 cloned females in full effect.  The 2 1000watt bat wings were on conveyor belts over 3 plants each.  The exhaust was pumped through a filter into the basement and the intake was from the outside window vent in the fruit cellar. In the basement there was a filtration system for the hydro liquid nutrients.  I helped change the last 2 weeks nutrients out with new water and nutrients, as I looked at the 4 foot girls that had just gone into 12 on 12 off, so they were starting to flower, and I could see the trichomes forming.
    This was his second grow.  The first one, I got a taste, and some of the wax he had made with the clippings.  He told me that the wax was tested and was over 50% THC, while the bud was around 22%.  We scrapped the plate he made the wax in to top off some of our bong hits, and there is no doubt it is good.  I think it was a little saliva heavy, but all the same, excellent.  He won't let me post pictures for security reasons.


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