My old Doggie.

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  1. Well my dog is 13 years old and she's an Italian Greyhound. She's in good shape except she has terrible arthritis. The medication they give her doesn't really work and she hurt her leg somehow because now she's whining because of it. I'm not sure what I'm looking to get from this thread. I guess I'm just looking for advice, insight, and comfort as I've had this dog since I was 6 years old and is the only family I have.

  2. Just comfort her and make sure shes always comfortable. My dog is very old now too. I have stopped reprimanding her not to bark, or yelling at her for doing "Bad things" you know, she's just an old pup. I love my dog, just like you love yours.. like i said just make sure shes comfortable
  3. Yeah that's basically what i've been doing. I keep her wrapped up in her favorite blanket with food and water nearby.
  4. that's a bummer man, my 8 year old guinea pig died the 3rd. your dog is probably a better companion than my blind guinea, but i was still sad when he died. i knew he was going to a about a week before it happened so i would take him outside and let him enjoy the rest of his time.

    make the best of the time you have left with your friend, sorry man

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