My old Cats like Cannabis leaves more than cat nip

Discussion in 'Pets' started by GrowingASmile, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. They're they funniest every time the lights come on they demand a leaf, long term they're very healthy.. what do you guys think about treating tooth/had teeth removed and joint issues, in animals with cannabis leaves?
  2. Awesome idea just as long its CBD or fan leaves. No THC for animals though that would be wrong.

    Just like you can't just get other humans high against their will the same rule should apply to your pet. :)
  3. thc is for me they get fan leaves and honestly I wouldnt do it if they didnt demand it, I tried to dry the leaves and make a capnip like substance, they only want fresh leaves
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  4. Too cute man. Your kitty wants to fit in with his owner. They love you.
  5. They better lol they get wet food 2 times a day, but in all seriousness I'm sure they just like this medicine more than their liquid meds that are hard to give them and also makes them sleep too much
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  6. Fan leaves have thc

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  7. I have a cat I just give her some catnip when I begin toking. I'd never share the actually medicine with her because I do not know what THC would do to a feline or even a canine for my dog.
  8. Guys cats eat grass too. The reason they love the fan leafs is because the plant is healthy and the cat can smell it's healthy too. Honestly they much rather prefer it to eating grass because grass is more toxic. Think it helps with nausea in their stomach. Not sure why dogs and cats eat grass and leafs. If you stick an actual bud in their face they move their face immediately. Kind of funny.

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