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my oil

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kems, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Hey i got some oil/wax of a mate its really dark in the vile But when i tip it out it yellowish but really green! Is that okay ??? Im from Australia so i never have had oil before i just got some ciggis and emptyed out the backy and packed it in my bong and put some oil on top when i pulled it i pulled real slow it tasted pretty nice almost like mad skunky buds it Sorta burnt my throat the tinyest bit makes me cough a bit too, is that alright?? I put it in thd freezer but it only stays hard for like 5 seconds after taking it out its real sappy and sticky and green do u guys rekon its good
  2. Do you know how this oil was made? pics might help.
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  3. Na i have no clue how it was made

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  4. I have no clue how it was made it smells strong and really earthy and green and leafy and buddy idk how to explain the smell thats the best i can

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  5. Nothing is setting off red flags, I would definitely smoke it all!! Over a period of time of coarse.
  6. Cheers man i got a vile of it i have a fair bit but that pictures was just a little bit i tipped on to plastic so i could handle it better than i have only had too cones of it and im smashed got the dryest mouth do u rekon its alright to just put it on top of my bongs and smoke it like that
  7. It looks like isopropyl wash you're good to go

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  8. Yeah topping it on a bowl is fine.
  9. Iso hash for sure. I make it all the time but I try to get it as light as possible. You could make it yourself

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  10. Looks like old school honey oil. Oil from isopropyl alcohol or straight grain alcohol. Have fun!

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