My OG just caught me and i flat out denied it.

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  1. So I live in an 30 flat 5 story apartment and I live on the 1st floor. I was smoking a bowl in the parking lot and my OG saw my friend Christina and I smoking weed from a bowl. I did not realize she was home so I usually smoke in my car in the lot. I was baked like 3 bowls cuz I was fiendn from coming from summer job and than picking up Christina. So with or without the girl, I was going to get faded lol

    So, I dropped Christina off after smoking and eating dinner at this good Italian resturaunt and went back to the crib.

    My OG was waiting until she heard the aparment door open and was pissed beyond belief. She went bonkers. She said I was ruining my basketball career and my life if I got caught by 5-0. You know what fuck I did? FLAT OUT DENY...DENIY DENY DENY...I told her she is crazy and I don't smoke. I was lieing but by golli, deep down I knew Satan was winning the War with God for possession of my heart and soul. Well now I am in my room writing this.

    I am not sure what my OG will do. She is the involved PTA wacko who is strong willed. She won't let this go and I just hope she doesn't tell my college bball coach because I am not trying to run extra laps lol Lastly, I hope she doesn't make me get a drug test because I smoke daily during the summer where the only things I do is smoke all day, fuck girls, work at this boring hotel, and play video games with buddies

    So tommorow should I tell her I was lieing or shall I continue with it? I am probably going to continue with it and see where it goes ...
  2. keep going with it, hide all your shit, maybe take a break for a little until stuff cools down
  3. Tell her, pics or it didnt happen
  4. once i find out the answer to this ill realize its a dumb question but whats a OG?
  5. Only OG I know is original gangsta. Hah
  6. Yeah.. what the fuck DOES OG mean?
  7. Ol' Gurl (aka Mom)
    or at least where I'm from
  8. Must be british or something.

    In the states OG= Original Gangsta, which is the founding or highest member in a gang.

    But i guess it means mom too.

    Learn something new...
  9. when I was reading this i was thinkin "why the fuck would a gangster be mad if you smoked pot?"

    but then i realized your talking bout your mother, lol.
  10. So your mom is an OG? ._.
  11. wow i would feel so gay calling my mom ol girl
    buncha fgts
  12. Eh get fooked! Great assumption.:mad:
  13. why didnt you just pop a cap in the OGs ass?
  14. lol at your idiocy.

  15. lol for real, I was like maybe its an OG pimp who doesnt want his hoes smoking weed? I was confused but now I get it :cool:

    Infact the reason I came to this thread is because I was expecting some huge gang thing or something. lol
  16. Wtf does og mean?!?!?!?

  17. Orginal gangster but I guess where OP is from it means ol girl aka mom :confused:
  18. that is weird man
  19. first off, this is a success story.

    you denied. denied. and denied. and you won. you mom probably doesnt believe you but she cant prove otherwise. just ditch your shit and take a T break. I mean what do you expect coming clean will do? do you think she will just take you by the hand and lead you through a beautiful field of flowers and bunnies? no. youll be fucked.

    also, if you DO have a promising basketball career, dont fuck up 20-30 years of making insane ammounts of money by 5 or 6 months of smoking with people just to be popular. those people in the NBA didnt get where they are by anything less than hard work and dedication. not smoking with girls and lying to their moms.

    she might go through your room randomly sometime, so be prepared. and it probably wont be "safe" to smoke again until you move out.
  20. Ya I know about the basketball thing. I have had numerous in upwards of 20 ppl talk 2 me about smoking weed and bball performance. I usually let the person talk and I just nod like mmmm ok lol

    But how do you guys not know that OG stands for mom? Where I live on the west side of chicago you will not hear the word mom when talking amongst friends or comrades and I consider you guys friends lol that came out weird but you know I love yall

    But I'm definitly not stopping smoking for the summer as I waited far to long during the bball season and had 2 wait until my team lost our conference tourney so I could blow.

    So far still denying it.

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