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My Nutmeg Trip

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GM-2X, May 7, 2009.

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  1. So I came upon an article talking about the use of nutmeg to induce a trip. I have researched it and researched it and saw that many had a bad trip while those that tripped right had an incredible experience. So, I decided I'd give it a try at a decently low dose to see how I responded to it.

    Most of the bad experiences I read came from people who read that nutmeg gets you high and nonchalantly scooped three or so teaspoons into some milk and chugged without knowing what to expect. I therefore, made sure that I would be ready for the effects and planned two days around it.

    I tryed all day to find fresh nutmeg, but I couldn't find a single store that carried it within a 45 mile radius.

    So, I resorted to ground nutmeg which is a risky decision I'm aware. Ground nutmeg trips often vary.

    Well it's 4:30 and I just dropped 6 grams. I feel a bit incoherent and queasy already (which is odd considering most reports I've read state these as approaching later in the trip). I swallowed about 3 grams before making a tissue parachute with the rest (it really is a horrible thing to get down as far as taste goes.)

    I'll update this as my trip progresses. If I don't feel any effects because I didn't use a high dose of ground nutmeg I am simply going to wait and try again when I can get higher quality fresh nuts.
  2. Hope you don't live with your parents :devious:
  3. Na. I'm good on that front.

    Do you have experience with this lukas? I've often seen you with knowledge on some stuff most people don't usually know much about.
  4. Yes, I tried nutmeg back when I was 18 or 19 (23 now), and it was a terrifying experience. I read about it for days before deciding I wanted to try it, got some fresh nutmeg at the grocery store, ground it up in a coffee grinder and then put the resulting heap of nutmeg (about 3 tablespoons worth) into capsules and swallowed it all.

    I didn't start to feel any effects until almost 10 hours later. It started off pleasant, just a nice marijuana-like stone, but quickly turned into one of the worst highs I've ever had. I seriously thought I was dying. The cottonmouth it gives you is absolutely unreal, and it got so bad that I felt like I couldn't breathe at a few points. I got really sick, started throwing up all over the place, and then blacked out for a few hours and had the most horrifying dreams/hallucinations that I've ever had.

    Then I slept, a lot. Woke up after about 12 hours of sleep still feeling and looking like shit with the same persistent cottonmouth. My sheets were soaked and smelled like nutmeg. Didn't begin to feel better until later into the following day, so all in all it was a rough 2.5 days or so.

    It's a lot of fun at first, but if you're one of the unlucky people who gets really sick from it (like me) just expect to be lying in bed a lot.
  5. Son of a bitch.

    Well I'm crossing my fingers that's not my reaction to it. I did the equivalent of just a bit over a tablespoon so I should experience whatever I experience mildly.

    I've heard that it takes a few times before you can really trip with it. Also I saw a great erowid article where the writer said that when taken with a friend shared out of body experiences were possible, but that it took 3 trips for them to reach something like that.
  6. I think the idea that it might take a few times to trip with it has to do with the varying amounts of myristicin in each individual nut, especially if you consider that most of the experiences on Erowid are first time experiences. That's the danger in it...you might eat 3 nuts one time, have a fantastic time, and then eat 3 the next time and be completely laid out.

    As to the OBE, I'm not sure why it would take 3 trips to reach that, but I don't doubt the validity of that statement. I've had many shared hallucinations with tripping partners, so I'm sure one can have the same kind of experiences with nutmeg.
  7. your supposed to do like... alot more than that. i weigh about 200 and i used to do 20-25 grams pre-ground.
  8. I've heard that the negative effects are less intense if you stay hydrated throughout the experience. I've never tried nutmeg before as a drug but tell us how it turns out :hello:
  9. Hmm, twice I swallowed 4 teaspoons of it, couple weeks apart. i'm 5'9" and 150 and it never did anything to me. It was preground store stuff, that may have been it.

    Goodluck man, try not to get too sick... I hate the taste

    oh and if you get really nauseaus, maybe smoke a bowl? smoking always cures my stomach and headaches.
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    So, how was it OP?

    -or how is it? lol
  11. he's incoherent laying in bed babbling at the ceiling.
  12. Haha, I bet.

    I can see him laying there, his eyes twitching back and forth, "huh? What was that??! Stop talking to me!" Kind of stuff...
  13. Haha that's exactly what the shit is like too. I kept hearing whispers...I don't fuck around with whispers either...that shit is scary
  14. lol whispers

    but ya be a man do 32g lol

    now thats the longest high for you money you can take...2-3 bucks for 3 days worth of effects?? damn

    after i took 32g, it was about 6hrs, bam ultra killer red beat eyes, unforgiving cotton mouth, (never quenchable) extreme weakness, it would be more interesting if somehow you can get like an instant effect and have a much shorter duration
  15. i suggest you laydown and sleep for a few hours, as the first few hours are that of bad yet controllable nausea. i tried three tablespoons in some chocolate milk. the first half of the mix tasted delicious, but after that it was awfull. many people in eastern countrys use nutmeg as a breath freshener so at least theres that. i brushed my teeth after though as to get rid of the god awful taste
  16. This shit has been fucking phenomenal. I got in touch with some friends and we decided to camp out. Theycbrought some grade a with them and we've been smoking ever since. That shit really kicks the high in and make sure you don't get sick.

    And we went to the store and happened to find fresh nutmeg and we grated it with a cheese grinder. They did some and I had another 5 grams spread out over two parachute (tissue balls with the nutmeg inside to avoid the taste.) It combos amazingly with cannabis.

    I've felt really energetic and excited all night long. I've sparred, smoking who knows how many joints, and just got back from an adventure where we walked three miles to find shrooms but didn't find any. I've been tripping pretty hard. At one point I had an out of body experience where I was sitting atop Mt. Kiliminjaro (spell check?) and falcons blew in the wind around me. My connection with the people I've done it with has been crazy. We've just stayed outside and had a crazy set and setting. The great thing is I'm still getting an onset high.

    I'm about to go to bed and lucid dream. Then I'll probably get up and trip some more.

    That's all I care to say for now. Keeping you posted. It's 5:02 am. Goodnight.
  17. where the hell do you live?
  18. tanzania apparently
  19. Sounds placebo...

    I mean, I've taken way more than you did and didn't feel anything.

    You need to be taking a LOT, like 20gs to actually trip.
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    Ok. It's finally over. That was one of the craziest drug experiences of my life.

    All in all I probably took somewhere in the range of 15g or more over the course of 2 days (mostly on the first day).

    The night of camping was really surreal and everything visually looked different and beautiful. We continually smoked which is how I would suggest doing it (they really worked well at boosting one another).

    The 1st night when it really started hitting me I was full of energy and excitement. You feel like having an adventure. Me and my friends walked through the woods constantly. We lit a candle and smoked a J or two around it. We played some improvised DND, talked about how the forest looked just like in the hobbit, and discussed how we were doing some 14th century drugs that many witches and spellcasters would have used back in the day. We went hunting for shrooms (as previously stated when I was high as a kite.) We didn't find anything and overall the experience should have been a bit scary from what I could tell since we were walking down tons of abandoned roads tripping a bit. It wasn't scary though. On the walk back my friends and I walked ridiculously fast. They said they began walking in a trance. Sometimes actually falling asleep while walking. The entire night I was gastly high and it just felt like I had eaten some really good hash (different then that but that's a good way of relating it to something.) To detail the night would be a lot of work. But read my earlier post where I was still feeling the effects and I think you can get a bit of it. I did have an out-of-body experience and some really interesting thoughts and things happen. It was a wonderful night and I haven't been that high in a good while.

    The next day when my friends woke up one of them (he is a frequent lucid dreamer) said that he had some of the weirdest dreams he'd ever had. Not in a freaky things happening in them kinda way though. He just said his dreams weren't really events, just common thoughts that were rapid and of an often deep subject matter (or interesting.) I couldn't remember my dreams. We continued to smoke and the day-2 effects kicked in. We mainly were tired (we did stay up all night and power walked 3 miles.) The nutmeg I'd heard also made your muscles sleepy and it would be a good day for rest and peaceful entertainment. So, we mainly had a beautifully chill day talking and watching movies. We munched out, and had a day similar to a real indica stone.

    Overall it was some serious fuckin fun and I can't wait to do it again. My advise is do fresh nutmeg. Fuck eating that shit it is disgusting. Make a parachute out of a tissue and place your dosage of nutmeg inside. Kick that shit back with a glass of water. Do it with friends. I read that it is a much better trip with someone else who is doing it. It indeed is. I was so glad to have my friends there tripping with me. Also realize set and setting is key. You aren't going to be tripping balls like on acid or shrooms, but still respect that it is a drug. Smoke some mary jane over the course of your trip and have a day already planned where you can do the drug because it takes a long time.

    If you decide to give it a try, research from other places and use it with caution. Don't start out with a huge dose. I started with a little over half the recommended dose and upped it from there. I'd enjoy hearing other people's experiences if you try this stuff.

    Next time I will describe more about the thoughts and fun experiences I have with the stuff because there really were plenty of them I just described the basics of it.
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