my nutmeg trip so far

Discussion in 'General' started by Talon, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. im kind of confused. i should be dissapointed, but maybe i should have taken more. 5 hours after digestion, i felt high similar to a cannabis induced buzz. a few hours after that it turned into an alcohol-like buzz. now 3 hours later, i just feel confused and stupid, but i have a feeling that it still hasnt kicked in yet. must be because i ate so much before and after taking it.
  2. how much did you take?
  3. 2 1/2 tablespoons full. i wanted to take more, but my friend told me he needed some left over for his oatmeal lol. right now, i feel empathic/simpathetic. i want to call this one girl tiffany and tell her im there for her, and anything she needs she should let me know. damn, i got that feeling in my throat that you get before youre about to cry. lol i think its working, but in a weird way.
  4. It is a strange experience. You kinda feel really stoned but at the same time you dont. The way I was thinking I knew I was effected by it.

    You took about as much has I took and I felt kinda like you describe but if it works for you how it worked for me expect to feel pretty messed up for about a week.
  5. lol dude i feel good now. i was playing Gran Turismo 4 and i lost focus in the game. so then i quit the race and watched the replay, i was running my car into the wall and spinning out and burning out the whole time in a sand pit before i snapped back into reality. yup its definitely coming on after 12 long hours.
  6. Dude its definatly a good time for what you pay for it. I think I would try it again but do it more carefully. I had a bag of it and dumped about a 1/4 of the bag into a glass with some water and chugged it.

    I do remember it taking long to kick in but once it did kick in it lasted about as long as a lsd trip lasts.

    EDIT: Smoke some bud if you havent and have some and tell me if it is any different from smoking normally.
  7. sorry, i dont got no weed :( but i should have taken more. next time i will try 4 table spoons to see if it gives considerable difference. do you think if i peaked yet, because i dont think i did, but i really dont know.
  8. I didnt realy experience a peak. I just went from felling somewhat messed up to not being able to move for 3 days.

    Do not take too much or you will regret it.
  9. dude, it keeps coming up, then fading away for 15 minutes, then it comes back, but its not an extreme difference. damn it, im going to the store today and getting me an ounce and a half. think i should try 4 table spoons full?
  10. Go for it.:smoke:
  11. What the hell nutmeg is for pumpkin pies man.
  12. Or to

  13. Silly rabbit that's what drugs are for. Seriously nutmeg is for pie. You can't go wrong with logic that includes pie.
  14. hes got you there.

    maybe im a fool, but ive heard you can overdose on nutmeg pretty easily? am i wrong? maybe you should check it out before eating a whole ton of it.
  15. only time i tried it I took like 5 tablespoons.. it didn't really kick in, I just felt sort of wierd.. then we smoked some bud, and both me and my friend passed out about an hour later.. I suppose we were sleeping during the peak of the high
  16. what's nutmeg? *stares at SEARCH Button* anyways yea where u get this?
  17. you better be drinking lots of water.
  18. Does anyone have an explanation for why nutmeg gets your high?
  19. yea i did drink assloads of water. well, i feel good when im just laying there, but it sucks to move. im stumbling and shit. also my mom told me she came in this morning asking me what i wanted for breakfast and said that i started talking about crack rocks LOL. ill wait till tommorow for the effect of this shit to wear off and take 4-5 tablespoons.

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