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My Nug/BIG Nug (Reppin Charlotte)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BlizzardKush, May 22, 2010.

  1. I just picked up a quarter of some fire and I got this :smoke:
  2. nice but very leafy, trim it..
  3. Yeah that was my only complaint about it, working on it at this very second haha. Thanks tho.
  4. well remove that shit and get a pic with it trimmed. then ill give it a nice rating
  5. dude its weird back on 4/20 i got a quarter of something that looks legit exactly like that, it was a huge nug but very leafy. that kind ticked me off lol but it was still GREAT bud
  6. Charlotte's got some good stuff down here but nothing beats Boone :D
  7. That bud is trimmed just fine. You want a little leaf curl so that you get a good manicure underneath.
  8. i see bananas........:p

  9. i love how people say this im in charlotte to or rite outside of fit anyways i get purple kush granddaddy purp white widow sour diesel blue dream hydro OG KUSH kushberry orange kush and bubblegum thats all i can think of that i have got within the past 3 months so we get the good stuff down here to i just dont take lots of pictures not really a good macro camera BTW i picked up a qp of Kush for 600 people in cali dont get them deals :smoke:

  10. Thats what I'm talking about, Rep Charlotte, I'm sick of people saying we don't get dank...cause we get mad shit.
  11. that bud looked nice... how was the high?

    everything I've come across from my guy has been sativa... not that I don't like the heady high, it's just that I've had ZERO luck trying to make my own edibles: green dragon - 2 month soak in grain alcohol: nada --- brownies were very weak.

    I love indicas.......


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