my nosy mom keeps finding my bongs!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LordHeinich19, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. just a few moments ago i got my favorite homemade bong taken away. my mom is a friken psycho!:mad: she looks through my room and stuff, it sucks! thank god i knew the perfect place to put my stash. does anybody else have this problem? i wish i could move out sooner... oh well.. wait for her to pass out and spark a J:smoke:
  2. my mom finds them, takes them to her room and my dad gives em back to me, the circle of life :p
  3. ahahahha thats funny.

  4. nothing like a united parental
  5. hahaha that kicks ass
  6. Tell her to stay the fuck out of your room.
  7. Haha that guy who said circle of life is right man, always happens with me too.
    I would just like hide your shit better or tell her you smoke and get her to deal with it.
  8. that sucks man find a better place to stash stuff like that or keep it at a friends house thats what i do w/ stuff thats too big....anyways good luck with keepin them hidden
  9. Install a lock on ur door man.
  10. i have the same problem. i ussually just stick to making shitty waterbottle bongs and throw them out every night i toke at home just to avoid the hassle of her taking them. If she takes anything like a stash or maybe some real glass i just take it back. Shes starting to come around with the smoking though and as im still in highschool i can't really move out. got no source of money and theres definately nowhere around here i would be able to afford at all
  11. I too have the same problem. Over the last year they took 4 different handpipes from me. Luckily for me I found them the other day in their room where they had been obviously untouched for months. Now they are back in my possession.
  12. just dont hide them in your room.....? or find a better spot .. i mean .. shes obviosly lookin though ur crap lay low for a few weeks
  13. i used to have a lock on my door but my mom said if i locked it she would have some maintenance guy remove it. i am layin low... kinda:rolleyes:. like, i would roll up a joint late at night when shes asleep.. i'm an insomniac so its pretty easy to do:D. i heard lately that plastic bongs cause brain damage so i might just spend some cash and get a pipe. thanks for respondin :smoke:
  14. The secret to hiding things: Think outside the box.

    In this case the box is your room. Your mom searches your room... DON'T HIDE THINGS IN YOUR ROOM!!!

    Hide them in the basement, in the boiler room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the storage room, in the garage, in the yard... the possibilities are ENDLESS.

    Get stoned and broaden your mind... THINK!
  15. damn i would always hide my shit in my computer, get one where you cant see in the case and then everytime you wanna smoke open it and get ur shit and put it back when ur done

  16. One word: Laptop
  17. inside boxes in your closet or buy a small safe
  18. if you snowboard, just drop the bong into one of your boots, that usually works.

    or, if you have any stuffed animals left over in youre room from when you were young (hell, i still have a ton on shelves in my room, too sentimental to get rid of them, theyve been on a shelf in one room or another since i can remember) you can cut open the bottom of one, and have it "sit" over your bong. aslong as she doesnt pick it up or move it, it should be good to go. thats how i hid my very first pipe.

    if you have a fold out couch, theres a lot of room under them that can be accessed thru the back corners behind the cushions.

    my friend in highschool used to tape old bongs to the inside wall of his closet, just above the door, so when you look in, unless you look back almost out of the closet and straight up, you wont be able to see it (maybe a little excessive, but he was always nuts... haha)

    another good one, if they dont empty it for you, is in a garbage can. just make sure all the garbage is clean (paper, plastic, whatever)

    if i get any more ideas ill throw em at ya.
  19. I find the best spot to be on top of the cieling tiles in my basement. Lift one up, place the bong on the adjacent tile. Unless your parents like to do electrical work, it's a surefire way to keep your shit hidden.
  20. If you have a PS2, you have a great hiding spot, open the expansion bay on the back of it and you have a good open space to fit a smaller spoon and a decent sized stash.

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