My nose is always so clogged!

Discussion in 'General' started by NYYstateofmind, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. whenever i burn, my nose gets all clogged and it fuckin pisses me off!

    anyway i can cure this? (im high right now)
  2. that spray shit always works but you become addicted very very quickly. try blowing the shit out of your nose. just blow as hard as you can for like 5 minutes straight.
  3. Yeah - nasal spray works great but you're supposed to develop a tolerance to it quickly and then it stops working. You could try the saline nasal spray which is pretty much just salt water. It dries out and cleans your nasal passages. Or you could take Sudafed.
  4. ^don't blow for 5 minutes. Your sinuses are irritated and most likely swollen, which is what makes it hard to breathe, not the snot buildup. Blow/wipe your nose gently because the more you blow the more clogged they will feel.

    And try to stay away from the spray lol I got real addicted to that stuff once. It sounds stupid, but my nose couldn't function without it. So plus one to the saline spray. That's fine to use.
  5. Now i understand why my friend in college was always using nose spray.
  6. seriously. one winter in high school i count breath without it. i would go to the bathrooms in between classes to get my fix.
  7. try the neti pot


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