My non-bong glass

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  1. im bored so i cleaned some of my pipes figured id post them
  2. cant see nething man
  3. Heres a small bubbler i got a while ago. I like it alot - great if ur not tryin to pack that much

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  4. My 2 favorite pipes- im a big fan of smaller bowls.

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  5. [​IMG]

    edit: damn it, too late.
  6. here are my two big guys. the one im holding up to show the work was my first pipe ever. It rips like a steam roller its crazy.

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  7. ur killin my post pls delete
  8. damn i thought i was bored... get a life headway
  9. Im just bored and baked, but I have a great life, thanks.
  10. gtfo, you fail by posting unnecessary, negative, shitty post. -in reference to this thread.

    nice bowls man, i am a fan of the smaller ones too, but only when its just me tokin:smoking:
  11. thanks ,ya smokimn one of them to ur face will always do the trick
  12. Damn, some fuckers are too uptight.
  13. and some fuckers dont get it---- U! stop trolling
  14. lmao,trolling? thats gay
  15. I was just fuckin with ya, dont take life and the internet so seriously all the time.

    edit: nice glass btw
  16. u highjacked my thread thats all dude. I honestly couldnt care less. Im recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out -- have nothing to do--ust trying to get some Rep makin multiple threads today.

    no worries
  17. I realize I was bein assholish for hi jackin your thread,it was all in fun though. Lol, I woulda been pissed if I was you too. Damn, Ive heard horror stories about getting your wisdoms removed, dry sockets and shit. Im 21 and my wisdom teeth are just pokin through, hopefully theyre growing straight and dont need to be pulled. Id be pissed if I couldnt smoke at least once a day. But anyway sorry about the hijack and shit. L8
  18. wow headway. your a buzz kill... nice glasss OP

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