my nirvana auto northern lights update (pics)

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  1. Here is a update on my NL. There 60 days old. There's a size difference as you can tell. The smallest one is just over 2ft with the plant pot and the biggest one is just under 3ft with the plant pot. Still not sure what kind of yield i'll gt, feel free to guess to give me a rough idea. Let me know if there's anything I can do to make them healthier and better. Thanks grasscity looking forward to reading your comments and opinions.

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  2. Looking good apex. Crazy how they are all such different sizes. Just keep it up. About another 20 days, and your harvesting. Yum, Yum
  3. the smallest one has most bud on at the mo. do you recon i could still harvest them all at the same time or maybe smallest one will have to be done first and i need to get a microscope for trichomes but dont have a clue what i need to get do you no any good ones ?
  4. You may have to harvest at different times depending on how much you care about how ripe they are. Any 30x or larger magnifier will work well. I know Amazon sells them. I got my 30x for like $12. Wanna upgrade to a 100x though.
  5. Hi umm how much do these plants smell? Everyone seems to say northern lights is a good stealth plant - is it? :)
  6. Those plants look awesome btw
  7. if i gentally rub them they have a lovely smell and they are a really low odur plant just hope when i harvest them they smell a bit stronger lol
  8. That's the same one I use right now. Really works well. The little light helps a lot.

    I personally think NL stinks just as much as most strain. All of the ones I have grown were stinky anyhow.
  9. mine really dont smell that much is this normall ? i really hope it comes out nice lol
  10. i went to RadioShack and bought a luminated 60x-100x for $12, and then batteries (2 AAA) for a couple more bucks, works great! and your plants look good too! don't go by trichomes alone, go by them (75% cloudy/ 25% amber...or whatever your pleasure!) and by the pistils receding back into their calyxes
  11. so best time to harves is 75% cloudy 25% amber this is first grow so not to sure
  12. Well I guess if I really think about it they really don't give off quite as much smell, but if you move them around or pinch a bud they stink. Where some of my other strains just plain reek without being touched.

    Apex your all good. I am sure your plants are gonna come out all good in the end. They look right on par. The yellowing your getting looks like maybe a little too much juice. Your still alright though. Not sure what you are feeding them, but maybe back off a tiny bit. But really your doing fine. First grow is a bit nerve racking for everyone. All the variables, and concerns about getting killer weed. But since it's "yours" it will be the best shit you've ever had. And it gets better with each grow. Get that scope, and check trichs to see where your at, and it might be time to start flushing soon. Keep me posted.
  13. [quote name='"apex100"']so best time to harves is 75% cloudy 25% amber this is first grow so not to sure[/quote]

    Yes that's best! Great stony high, little couch lock but not too retarded. More Amber=more couch-lock high
  14. iv just bought one ill let you know how they look when it comes and yeah when i rub the bud it smells nice. also im useing bio grow and bio bloom. do you think i should maybe stop feeding them nutes soon and can you explain the flushing prosess
  15. Keep feeding them till you get your scope. Basically just run like 3gallons of water to 1 gallon of soil through your plants. Use filtered ph'ed water. I usually only ph the last 5 gallons. Then let them dry out good. Usually takes like 5-7 days. Then just feed them filtered, ph'ed water for 1-2 weeks then harvest. Gets rid of any nutes in the soil, causing the plants to use up stored energy. Helps taste, and over all quality of smoke. This is when you will start to see the "yellowing" everyone talks about at the end of flower. Some people will say flushing is not necessary. I think it is a must if you aren't growing full organic.
  16. so if the trichomes are clear is that when i start thinking about flushing ? or do i just flush like a week or 2 before harvest ?
  17. Clear is too early. I start at like 10-20% amber, rest cloudy. Gives me like 50/50 two weeks later when I harvest. Some people like more amber, or less, but this is how I like it.
  18. thanks mate you been a big help ill post a update in about a week
  19. How far into flower

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