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My nights sorted, fresh pickup and munchies.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whereami, May 13, 2011.

  1. Sup GC. Just got my fresh pickup, 1/8th of no name dank, (I've also got some G-13 left from my last pick up). Picked it up for £30, pretty good deal if you ask me. Looking forward to it so much, got a hell of a lot of munchie snacks aswell. One of my Dads friends just flew back from America, he picked up some food for us on the way back. Dropped it off for me earlier.

    Before you look at the pictures I have a TERRIBLE camera, so the quality is pretty appalling. Also I won't eat anywhere near all of this (hopefully) but I get damn strong munchies.

    Attached Files:

  2. Are those fucking smore materials? You win.

  3. win win win
  4. 30 quid for that?! You've been had mate...its usually 20 where I am, AND you get a full 8th not 2 or so grams
  5. Yes they are ;) I've only ever had smores 6 times. There so good I count, lmao.
  6. I've already smoked a bit of it, and that is a full 8th. I weighed it out. I don't really mind the price, thats the price around my area. It's damn good stuff aswell, I would post a macro but I have a terrible camera.

    EDIT: Sorry for the double post aswell.
  7. You...Lucky...Bastard. Makin me jones for some smores right now. Looks good man, not the best deal for bud but you gotta do what you have to do.
  8. Dude. You're in the UK and you're eating Hershey's chocolate?

    What the fuck?
  9. Yeah, I'll eventually get better prices but these are the best I can find for now. I was looking for a dealer for months so, I'm pretty happy with it at the moment :smoke:

    It's only for the smores ;) I'm not too keen on eating it straight, I'd prefer Cadburys or something but hell, its the munchies. I'll just be diving in there :)
  10. As long as you stick it to the Cadbury's in the future. Have a nice night with that stuff mate.
  11. dude good for u. In my area an eighth is like 40. Fucking pot snobbery from people like you...smh

  12. Don't worry, definitely am, can't beat Cadbury's and thanks a lot dude, I'll toke one up for you ^^
  13. Smores! Niiiiiice!

  14. Haha, thanks dude. Just had a few friends round for some, can't smoke up yet though, stupid rents. Only a few hours until I can :)

  15. A few hours?? You have to wait until your parents are asleep? You need a more discrete/welcoming place to light up.

  16. Yeah, I have to wait until my Mum's asleep. I pay her rent for the room as I've got a job now, so. I could do with a more discrete place but I kind of like toking up late at night, so relaxing. I may buy myself a vape so I can do it at anytime and just exhale out of the window or through a sploof.
  17. Oh wow, just had a small joint of my pickup, damn, its epic. Smores while high = Orgasmic.
  18. Dude you should make the smores before you get blazed. God knows I wouldn't be able to after 4 bowls. But then again, that would take the fun out of it, right?

  19. Yeah, I made a few before but I just had to make more. I messed up my kitchen a shit ton but it was worth it :) god damn, this highs lasting long :smoke:
  20. Hey man ignore the dude whining about the price. Weed is a ripoff in any city in the uk. An £20 sack is normally 2g, sucks balls

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