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  1. Alright so 5pm rolls around when I'm supposed to pick up my ounce and my friend is a dickhead and sells all of it so I'm screwed. My friend Sara calls and says shes havin a party at her place for us seniors who just got out in Woonsocket. I figure what the hell I'll go get drunk and maybe find some weed.

    I get there hang out for a bit theres about 7 people there and a few more came so about 11-12 people total. Some people I didnt know but I made friends with quick and they were all chill people. For alcohol Sara wanted me to split her bottle of Lime Vodka with her which I agreed too, but keep in mind I rarely drink so I have no alcohol tolerence.

    We take a few shots and I'm startin to feel it. Sara's friend Megan asks her if I could be single for a night but I say no cause Megan isnt that great and I'm a pretty loyal boyfriend and barely drunk.

    I try gettin some trees and sara's boyfreind makes some calls and ends up finding me 1/4th for $40 of some mids. By this point i've had several more shots and we finished the bottle and I'm pretty fuckin drunk. Its 11pm and I'm supposed to drive home at 12 since my parents are assholes and dont let me spend the night anywhere. Everyone is really drunk and I stand up and realize theres no way in hell im driving home tonight before 12. We finished all the alcohol and since I wasnt getting much bud early in the night I figured why not get more drunk since I have $100 in my wallet. Me and Jimmy(hes 22) go down to the store and he grabs me a big bottle of vodka.

    We head back and I drink 1/4th of the bottle with some people but a lot of people were leaving at 1am so not many of them drank it, I drink more and then end up heading into the bathroom and I think I threw up but I have no clue.

    Sara offers to bring me into a spare bedroom and says her boyfriend Jimmy will get me up at 6 and I can drive home then and hopefully make it home before my parents wake up. I fell asleep immediatly and woke up around 5am and decided to head home. I make it 5 minutes and realize I left a nearly full bottle of vodka that I paid for there but i get lost and takes me 20 min to get back to her house and I grab the bottle.

    Now that I was sober I checked out the weed which was some alright weed($40,1/4th) I stop at the store and grab a dutchmaster and a peach blunt wrap since this weed was definitly blunt weed. About 5 minutes from my house my dad calls me phone and I tell him ill be home in a minute and I sneak in fine and check the computer real quick cause I wasnt that tired. I go to bed and wake up now.

    Sorry if I bored you all to death but I had a nice night and met some cool people and got drunk with them.
  2. sounds like a good night.

    i've got work today, so i couldn't party yesterday.

    i did get to hit a 4 foot bong, and that thing knocked me on my ass though.
  3. There goes 1/8th in a nice peach blunt wrap
  4. mmmmmmm peach.

    my favorite.

    hey, it's 4:20 on the east coast.

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