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Discussion in 'General' started by IndianaToker, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. I figure that it's about time for a good rant. So hold on to your seats boys and girls.. Here we go!! I went outside to smoke a bowl last night and it began to snow. Big beautiful wet flakes!! After getting stoned, I open my mouth and begin to catch the flakes in my mouth. Hmm, at this point I realize that I have the cottons. Sorry cottons, no pun intended!! So in my stoned state I decide that it would be better to get rid of the cottons with the snow than by simply going and getting a drink of water. Just in case you've never tried this takes a supreme effort to rid your cottons by catching snowflakes in your mouth!! After having enough of the snow (not to mention the crink in my neck from holding my damn head up) I go back inside to watch tv. Hmm, nothing on but Home Improvement. I settle in to watch... All of a sudden I start hearing the wind whipping through the trees outside. So I'm intrigued by the nose, back outside I go!!! 1 more bowl later and I'm stuck in a permanent "snow amazes me" mode. :) So I procede to sit outside and enjoy the snow and wind. I even made a snow angel!! It was one of the best nights, so simple but so much fun!! Anyhow, I wanted to share it with all of ya!!
  2. something cool to do while is snowing and your stoned you could make 'stoner angels', or go sledding, which is totally wicked stoned. but dont sled on a big hill next to a road, or you could be a dead stoner....
  3. Yeah, I can't wait until we get enough snow for a good sledding session!! You can never be too old to sled!!
  4. yeah, those plastic round sleds are the greatest, cause once the snow sortof ice's over, they rip down hills...
  5. No shit man!! You get on one of those and it feels like you're really flying!! I think we need to organize a city sledding adventure this winter!! What do ya think?
  6. i love it when the snow comes....get stoned and strap the board on...boy is that fun...especially when you strap you're mates in and they can't board....what a laugh.....or just sit on the board and hold on!!!........i remember when i was a kid the road used to ice over completely some times....we'd sit on my mums baking tray and go down the's a big fucking hill....crossing 2 other'd get you're mates to watch out for cars still don't know what i'd have done if one came...apply the brakes?? out...Sid
  7. Yeah, looking back on it now some of the sledding I did when I was a kid couldn't exactly be dubbed as "safety first." LOL

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