My Next Purchase A $300 Vaporizer Which To Choose?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Cuttable, May 26, 2010.

  1. Ok Folks, so i have been reading up on the latest vaporizers, but can't decide which is the right one for me. I have narrowed it down to like two vapes, could you fellow tokers help me decide which vape is right for me. I can spend up to 300, give or take a few. Im just looking for the best bang for my buck :smoke:.

    Choice 1-Silver Surfer Vaporizer- (Wand)

    Choice 2-Extreme Q Vaporizer- (Wand and Bag)

    My First choice is the Silver Surfer just because i hear that it will give you the purest hits.My Second choice is the Extreme Q. I like this because of the LCD display which will help me get the temperatures pin point every time.

    I would really like some advice from people who have owned one of these, or who have used them. Thanks
  2. Honestly, a digital temp readout won't help you at all. The major difference is that one does exclusivly whips and the other does whips and bags.
    Read what lwien posted, he knows his stuff.

    Basically, if you want the bag/whip option then get the Q, or if you don't care about bags get the SSV. they are both great units. Unfortunatly I can't say anything about that new vape^ but that there might be newer models released later on. And if it is so highly anticipated then if will most lilly be hard to find as soon as it hits stores. Just my take in it though

  3. lol. Yeah, you've got a point. I think all the regulars over at the FC site are standing in line to place their orders.
  4. Ok Thanks guys for the info, i think that i am going more towards the SSV because i don't usually have people over so the whole bag thing wont be very useful. the Extreme Q apparently will give you more air than the SSV. I would much rather enjoy more thick rich hits.:smoke: The SSV seems to me like a better buy.

  5. Yup. The SSV provides some of the thickest hits of any vape on the market. The only other one to consider that is currently available and can provide possibly even thicker and taster hits being that it has an all glass vapor path, would be the VripTech Heat Wand.
  6. from your choozen options choose second one
    that much better[​IMG]

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