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my next move...?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 27, 2003.


what should digit do?

  1. Get over it. realise its over and move on.

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  2. be a stalker, never let go, you know she still loves you and you still love her... dont give up on l

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  3. shut the fuck up, stop pestering her, and stop pestering us. so shut the fuck up. pine, yearn, ache

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  4. shut out your feelings, focus on your other goals in life. do what you can to help legalise cannabi

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  5. go running to one of the other two women you feel strongly for... preferably not the other one onlin

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  6. just chill the fuck out. go meditate or something. i'd tell ya to go smoke something... but it

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  7. kill yourself.

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  8. thrive of the pain and negative emotions, go do some pcp and crack and go on a homicidal rampage vac

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  9. drown your sorrows in a litre of cheap whiskey.

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  10. other suggestion. (elaborate below)

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  1. ... since i dont really live where i live, and dont really exist much in the physical world (its too shrouded in pain to deal with) i thought it only right to gauge wtf people think i should do, given the limited information they have been given. .. so get voting.
  2. digit, dont be so hard on yourself. do whatever makes you feel good son. i deleted all my mumbo jumbo because i believe you know it anyhow.
    i guarentee someday she\'ll look back and wonder why she let you go. for a fact she will.
  3. Do what everyone else said and turn your pain into a masterpiece...if it can be done, you can do it!

    I\'m really sorry that she was careless with your heart. You need to just move on, though. She was part of your journey. Keep the happiness that you felt close to you, turn the pain into art, and just move on...
  4. go to her house and set up a tent in the back yard. Make sure to bring your camos and binoculars.

    and bow and arrow for laughs
  5. bleh, so... what? she officially ditched you? i saw the other thread sayin she disappeared, but uh.. well hey man you never met her anyway, right? and you were \"together\" for a pretty short time, right? it couldn\'t have been TOO deep. but if you really feel bad about it anyway, drown your sorrows in liquor! not necessarily cheap liquor, treat yourself to somethin nice.
    but um. i\'m sorry things didn\'t work out. people love to play games with people.
  6. i really, really, REALLY like wang\'s suggestion. really. teehee. :D
  7. dig, u need to move on now. it is to bad she played with your heart. but it happens. u need to get out of this slump and move on. i know it hurts and it really sucks. everyone is right, u should use your creative side as the outlet. let it all out. i do feel for ya, take care of yourself dig;)
  8. Looks like we all have the same Idea... Maybe you\'ll get happy in a short time... you never know!!

    Keep your chin up!!!!!
  9. Listen to music (Radiohead) and read a book. Don\'t supress anything, just escape for a while.
  10. Facing emotions can be a great learning and growing experience. Take this to your art. you may find something there that youve never seen before. theres no shame in that. and it should never been pushed away. and you never know what may come of this right now...
    it does hurt, nothing will help heal like time. just take it one step at a time digit. youll know and find what you need to do. Polls dont carry all the answers. love you buddy :)
  11. digit, just remember that whatever happens, ever, in your entire life, your #1... look out for you, shes not worth your time... you have to put her in the past, i know it hurts... but you have to do it, its like the feeling you get when you wish if you could have done it a little bit different you would have came out on top... but you cant change what already happened, im sorry for your loss.... but just go smoke a little bit, relax, go out with some friends, make some kickass art, i know you can!! just go out and have fun!!!
  12. ok... earlier today i made some artwork... a kinda \"contemporary\" \"sculpture\" piece where two birds, (killed by my own hand) were nailed through the neck on a block of wood with a few other bits of metal stabbed into it with beths name hacked into it lightly with an axe.

    soon after that i went out drinking with my oldest (and dearest) friend still living on this shithole of an island and drunk more whiskey than i can remember.... i should be 4.3 times this drunk considering i\'v eaten nothing today.

    i\'ll have a picture animation of the artwork tomorow when it\'s light enough to take some pictures of it.

    aaand..... give it a few months and i might be able to pluck up the mental stability to be able to talk to my female friends again... online is different of course. ... ruuuumjil! saaaaave me from this maaadness. :p ... * reads what your wrote again....* oh, you already have saved me. i think secretly you\'re a 60 something maskerading as a 20-30 something. your life experience shines through toooooo bright. ;p

    like it says in my profile of aquarius tho... \"In relationships, they are surprisingly constant and faithful and they only stray when they know in their hearts that there is no longer anything to be gained from staying put. Aquarians are often very attached to the first real commitment in their lives and they can even re-marry a previously divorced partner. Their sexuality fluctuates, perhaps peaking for some years then pushed aside while something else occupies their energies, then high again. Many Aquarians are extremely highly sexed and very clever and active in bed.\"
    ... so... \'tis very true. i will always love her. even after many many years, i\'d return at the drop of a hat... as long as it was a very groovy hat.. like a suade purple hat with a peacock feather or something mental like that, no ordinary hat.... and it\'d have to be dropped in a cool way too... ... uhh... yeah. ... wtf am i talking about again.... oh yeah... hats. :rolleyes:

    anyways... since i\'m following nearly everyone\'s suggestions, i need to go get A) a tent, B) a bow, and C) an arrow for laughs. :D

    oh, and finally....

    cs shoota....

    thats an area we differ on greatly....

    i am NOT number 1. no one is number one. people who think they are number one are screwing the world over with their selfishness. :p
  13. It\'s threads like this that probably put her off.

  14. this statement really bothers me...

    so getting involved emotionally isnt worth it?
    I feel saddened by your comment. I cant conceive of not having that emotional connection, that connection that two people feel outside of sex. the connection that makes the sex with that special person that much better.
    Im actually in that much shock about that like to think its somewhat sarcastic or just to make digit not think about it..
  15. mjb.... yeah, well its part of the package... and anyways... who gives a fuck now... she ended it and wont reply to my emails and messages anymore.... so fuckit. if she\'s gonna be a cold bitch (which i totally didnt think possable of her) then polls like this are on the come back. ;p ... poll master digit returns with a vengence.


    yeah i thought that too.
    fuck the sexual side of things.... nothing can compaire to the emotional connection.

    ... but i suppose........ combine the two... :D wowza! hehe.

    and also... get postin more ya crazi lesbi ya! ;p
  16. damn man I know how ya feel, I dunno when I get really deppressed I smoke and start drawing and maybe just write songs. Like Obliv Boy said creative process is usally the best!
  17. Digit,

    When you feel your heart break, its worse than getting punched in the face by Mike Tyson. You have 2 opitions, you can lay on the mat, and let it beat you, or you can throw an uppercut and knock Tyson out with a 1-2-3. (Okay sorry about the boxing analogy).

    Seriously dude, you can be pissed about it, and you can let it bring you down. Or you can just say \"fuck it\". I went through hell a couple months ago with a girl, but I let go of my emotions. You have to realize, that no matter how much you loved that person, and no matter what yall said to each other, or what yall did to each other, it wasn\'t meant to be. The only way to overcome the pain is to go out and live. Go do the things you LOVE to do, hang with your buddies, and go play the field. You will hurt, but as long as you keep your face to the sunshine, you will never see the darkness my friend. Talk to that other girl that gives you that funny feeling, she may just lead you to the end of the rainbow......
  18. Digit~
    I\'m new to the sight, don\'t know the whole story...but in my honest opinion your better off finding someone you can really connect with, in every sence of the intellectually, physically, emotionally...the computer is great for friendships, but it\'s no place for love...if you do happen to find someone online, and the 2 of you are in love...then get rid of the computer, and get face to is worth it...i think computer romance is just so you can hide the things your afraid others will see... true love is blind, and no matter what your flaws are if it\'s really love that person will get over them...
    (on a side note....Don\'t you enjoy sex??? I mean i\'m not saying emotion isn\'t a factor, but i can\'t stand being away from my man...i love being with him physically. I don\'t think i could cope without that intamacy)

    ~you can ignore what i said, or consider it...your choice your whatever is right for you...
  19. \"a kinda \"contemporary\" \"sculpture\" piece where two birds, (killed by my own hand) were nailed through the neck on a block of wood with a few other bits of metal stabbed into it with beths name hacked into it lightly with an axe.\"

    ehhhm.. mmk...

    ...and I think I would rather have my heart broken than get punched in the face by Tyson.
  20. MoonLightHigh would\'ve been some primo tang for his first time.

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