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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by notgiving2shits, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. i'm just a beginner at growing indoors, but from my first growbox set up I can see alot of problems. So i'm already working on my 2nd one.
    This one I'm going to make out of a home entertainment center. its about 5ft high and about 5ft wide. I'm wanting to put 2 - 600w hps and mh lights in it, a few fans, I'm really not worried about odor control I live in the middle of nowhere so its not really an issue. I'm going to line it with mylar. I'm going to put 2 doors on the front for easy access to the plants. Since I'm really just starting out i'm not gonna mess with cloning just yet I really just wanna get the hang of things.
    I drew an outline of how it kinda looks/is going to look on ms paint Untitled.png
    Now I'm not sure where to put my fans at. I'm hoping that I can get by with just 4 fans, I would be using 4 6" inline duct fans, I'd use 2 fans for exhaust and 2 for bringing in fresh air, 2 for light 1 and 2 for light 2. So I could really use some advice about the fans.

    The hard part is this next part. With as many watts as I'm going to be pulling my breaker box isn't gonna support this. Actually, with these old ass wires in my house it'd prob start a fire, and who wants that. So I've been wondering what I would have to do to wire it to a propane or natural gas generator or something similar - also because I don't want my electric company catching onto anything. This is really where I could use any suggestions or hear about anyones experiences of doing it this way. I did search for the threads but it either isn't in here or I wasn't using the right phrases so if it's already been answered, sorry guys.

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